Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs – Everything You Need to Know

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs or can you put rugs in the washer? If the rug is made of cotton fiber, you can put it in the washing machine with a bath towel. Rinse with cold water in a gentle cycle, and do not overclean. The rubber lining cannot withstand a weekly trip to the laundry room. As per Good Housekeeping,  cotton rugs can be machined even with non-slip rubber linings. Better Homes & Gardens also advises that small braided or woven floor coverings can also be machine washed.

Recently, the popularity of washable carpets has exploded. The reason is no wonder. Cleaning a traditional rug seems like a daunting task. After spilling, just throwing the floor covering into the washing machine will burden you, and you can enjoy the entertainment without watching the guests. It’s not so common, so it’s easy to think that all washable rugs will be expensive.

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a classic in washable carpets. Not all cotton rugs are washable. Look for a washable rug. Remember that cotton rugs can shrink in the dryer, just like cotton clothes. Air drying is always the best!

So, can you machine wash cotton rugs? Let’s discuss that in detail.

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs? Here’s What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, many rug labels do not provide specific instructions on how to wash rugs in washing machine, which can make the process a bit more complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the carpet alone when washing the mat for the first time in the washing machine. Rub the meat with a clean, damp white cloth to check if the carpet is discolor-resistant.

You can also moisten a cotton swab and rub it against the carpet fibers. If the color is raged or transferred to a cotton swab, you know that the rug is not discolored resistant and cannot be washed with other clothing. If the rug is not discolor-resistant, the last thing you want is to ruin all your clothes.

Before putting the cotton washable rug in the laundry, it must be pretreated against dirt. Pretreating the rug gives better results than simply throwing the rug into the washing machine. Different stains require different stain treatments, so use the correct method. Also, taking the rug out and shaking it vigorously will help remove food and dirt particles. When all this is done, it’s time to put the rug in the washing machine.

How to wash a rug? To machine wash the rugs, you need to use cold water and liquid detergent. If you need to distribute the load:

  • Add two bath towels. You can also add multiple lags.
  • If the load is heavy, set the machine to a delicate cycle.
  • Add cold water and add detergent.
  • After washing the floor covering, hang it on the clothesline to dry it.
  • Do not tumble dry the rug.
  • It can shrink and damage the backing.

If the weather prevents you from drying the rug outdoors, hang it in the shower or an indoor clothes-drying rack. If the rug is too big to fit in your home washing machine, you’ll need to bring it to your laundromat as there is an industrial-sized washing machine that can do the job.

Washable Rugs

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Washable rugs are offered in a range of synthetic and natural fabrics. In general, if all of the materials used to make your rug are washable, so should the entire carpet! Cotton machine washable rugs.

Whenever you wash your rug, double-check all of the utilized components. Jute is used as a backing in many machine-made carpets. Jute is known for absorbing water and is therefore unsuitable for washing machines. Carefully check the representing data on your rug before tossing it in the washing machine. If you have any queries about it, consider contacting the manufacturer. It’s preferable to be careful than disappointed.

Problems While Machine Washing Cotton Rug

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Machine cleaning is generally OK if your area rug is 100 percent cotton and relatively affordable – perhaps you use it as a shower or bath mat. On the other hand, machine cleaning may pose issues if your area rug is made of wool, silk, or another sensitive fabric. Here are some of the problems you could encounter when washing your area rug.

Fading Of Color

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Cleaning floor rugs in a washing machine, like washing clothes, can damage fabric to bled or fade, mainly if you are using hot water. There are a few strategies to reduce color bleeding, but none will altogether remove it.

The Rug’s Life Expectancy Is Being Cut Short

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

The same mechanical technique that cleans your clothing might harm your area rugs’ fragile fibers. Many individuals purchase Oriental or Persian carpets to expect they would be passed down through the generations. The agitation that carpets experience when washing might cause an older or antique rug to deteriorate. Even if your wool or silk rug is still intact, the hammering it receives in the washing machine is likely to have rendered it uneven or rough.

Affecting Fabric

Can You Machine Wash Cotton Rugs

Hitting the washing machine produces delicate fabrics such as silk and wool, but detergents can cause havoc on carpets. Today, many laundry detergents contain enzymes such as proteases to break down proteins. In contrast to cotton and polyester, wool and silk are mainly composed of proteins.

These enzymes are included to assist in eliminating stains, but your laundry detergent won’t know the difference between such a bloodstain and your rug’s wool. Your laundry detergent’s protease enzymes, which are supposed to eliminate stains, wind up ruining the fabric of your favorite area rug.

Is It Possible To Wash A 100% Cotton Rug In A Washing Machine?

Is it feasible to wash rugs in the washing machine? That is a commonly requested subject. Cotton rugs and rag rugs may both be washed in the washing machine. While cleaning carpets in a device is handy, there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started:

One point to consider when purchasing a cotton rug is its size. It is preferable to have a rug that is smaller in size.

The color of the cotton rug must not fade. Apply a detergent and water solution to one corner of the rug and rub the surface with a white cloth to see whether this is the case.

Final Thoughts on Machine Washing Cotton Rugs

We hope our article ‘can you machine wash cotton rugs?’ brings you benefits and clears all your queries. I hope you would have learned everything about washing rugs in the washing machine.

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