How To Connect LED Lights Together With The Connector

How To Connect LED Lights Together With The Connector – Things You Need To Know

How to connect led lights together with the connector? LED lights are known for being efficient if compared to traditional bulbs. These days mostly LED strip lights are used. They are adjustable circuit board that has many LED bulbs embedded in them that come in various colors which are dynamic according to the requirements

LED Light strips can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. You can attach them to any wall, behind mirrors, or underneath the bed frame to elevate the look. They have an adhesive back which makes it easier to stick them to the object. Interior designers used these LED lights in hallways and staircases to give a soothing vibe.

How To Connect LED Lights Together With The Connector

LED strip lights are also waterproof. As they are used outdoors too, it is recommended to purchase waterproof LED strips as they have higher protection. The waterproof LED strips can be used in fish tanks and swimming pools or places that are completely into the water, Different categories are available in waterproofing depending on the usage and the protection that is needed. IP68 is one of the kinds which has the highest waterproofing and can be used in water for the longest period.

However, At various times LED Light strips are cut to create a customized effect according to the place. Customization depends on colors, voltage, brightness, length, and width.  A single LED light strip cannot cover the entire space of the room. Due to this numerous LED light strips are connected through connectors.

To avoid mishaps and poor connections LED light strip connectors are used that can give excellent results in the end. Connecting LED light strip to the connectors are essential for the corners to keep them away from being messed up. Quality matters a lot in the connectors. If the quality is high the flow of electricity will be faster and the connection will be uninterrupted which will result in the experience being better in the longer run.

Connecting LED strips in Series or Parallel

Connecting LED strip in Series or Parallel

When LED strip Lights are connected, they are connected either in Series or Parallel circuits. In Series Circuit there is only one wire where the current flows in a single path from one LED light strip to another one. In the case of Parallel, Each LED strip is directly connected to the power supply. Each LED strip is independent. This way is more complex as more wires are needed to be sorted.

Some people prefer series over parallel because it is easier to wire avoiding the screwing up of wires. Secondly, the same current flows in each LED light throughout the path. Moreover, the total voltage is the sum of voltages across the circuit.

However, Some have a different opinion. They avoid series because if one LED strips fail, the whole path will stop working. Also, the voltages fluctuate in series due to which the brightness is lower or higher depending on the voltage.

Types of LED Light Strip Connectors

Types of LED Light Strip Connectors

Jumper Cable Connector

Jumper Cable connectors are one of the kinds of strip light connectors. They are solderless connectors that are best for strip extensions and any angular object. They are commonly used in shelves, kitchen cabinets, porches, or patio furniture. They cover the unnecessary gaps in tight corners.

Strip-to-Strip Connector

These connectors are which allow both ends of the strip to join. Light can be turned on and off according to the need. The connector is suitable for making long connections.

Strip-to-wire Connector

It is a type of connector which helps the strip attach to the wire. They are used to complete the gaps or to make connections with the power supply.

L- shape Connectors

The best part about these connectors is that they are easier to use. Mostly they are used in confined spaces to give a neater look to the overall project.

Things you need to know while using strip light connectors

Things you need to know while using strip light connectors

While cutting the LED strips make sure that it is not connected to any power source. Usually, brands print the cutting lines so that the user can cut them without any inconvenience. It is always recommended to be careful while cutting the LED strips as one should never cut on diodes or copper plating.

Secondly, You should also know that LED strip lights consist of batteries that have positive or negative signs. While connecting it to take the connector make sure that the sign-on strips match with the sign on the connector because the perfect alignment matters.

Ways of Connecting LED light strips

Ways of Connecting LED light strips

LED Strip Lights are usually connected for 90-degree turn connections or strip-to-strip connections depending on the place it’s being installed to. The connection between LED light strips is usually faster if solderless connectors are used.

Before Connecting LED strips, everyone should make sure to sit on a flat and dry surface to ensure that the led strip doesn’t lose its adhesiveness because if it loses its glue it won’t stick.

Then take a measuring tape to measure the length of the LED strip light according to your need. Use a wire stripper to cut it as per the measurement. You can use the sharp blades to remove the protective layer of plastic to open the circuits Be careful not to cut the diodes.

After there the strip is cut, lose the lock pad to expose the circuit so that it’s easier to see the wires. There is a protective layer of plastic on the strip. Make sure you peel off that plastic and take it toward the back side of the circuit. Moving on, Take the end of the light strip and insert it into the connector. The copper pads of the strip and conductor should be attached to the connector. Once it is faster, the lock pad should be closed to secure the connection between the connector and the strip. You can test the LED light strip by connecting it to the power supply to ensure that they are working properly.

Keep repeating the steps to connect the LED light strips with connectors from one end to the other end. Polarities play a very important role. Polarities of connector and LED light strips should be paired. If the polarities are invalid it can cause damage to the connector. The Red, Green, and blue should also match the corresponding colors. LED Lights will require turns at many places.  As long as the tuning of the LED lights is easy proceed with it. If the turning is not easy, don’t put pressure while adjusting in a corner, or avoid twisting. Instead small and flat connectors can be used to connect.

Sometimes connectors are not available or the situation requires a more finished look. In that case, Soldering is preferred to connect the LED strip connectors. Soldering is the process where the metals are joined. While connecting LED light strips the wires and the copper pads of the strip are soldered. If anyone is opting for soldering wear protective google and conduct the process in a room which has a dry surface and proper ventilation.

Frequently asked questions

How do you connect LED strip lights with connectors?

You can measure the LED strip according to your requirement, and cut the strip with a wire stripper. Make sure you connect the copper pad on the strip and the conductor. Test the LED lights at the end.

Can you Connect two LED lights together?

Yes. You can connect two LED lights with a strip-to-strip connector. Keep repeating the process mentioned above until and unless you achieve the desired length.

What can I do with extra LED strips?

If you have extra LED strips you can always reuse them. LED strips contain many circuits if any one of them is cut they can be reused as after each cut, the circuit ends and a new one starts. They can be used to light up your smaller spaces like frames.

Can you cut LED Light strips?

Yes, You can the LED Strips. The trick is to cut along the lines that are printed on the strips. This avoids cutting the diodes and eliminates the chances of destroying a circuit.

How do you wire multiple LED lights together?

Multiple LED lights can be wired through a series of circuits where the current will have one path to flow. There is no need for separate wire connections and the current can flow between LED strips faster.

Conclusion About Connect LED Lights Together With The Connector

LED lights are the most trending these days among the young generation. Many people are unaware that they can be installed in tight corners and long distances. Connectors are easier and quicker when installing the LED strip lighter than other ways requiring more assistance. So now you don’t need to worry about how to connect LED strip lights through connectors because if you know the basic details you can move on without any inconvenience.

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