How To Decorate Your Home With Oriental Rugs

How To Decorate Your Home With Oriental Rugs

Bedrooms with oriental rugs bring an exotic touch to even the most simply furnished area. Even if the room only has a few pieces of furniture and not much more, adding an oriental rug may instantly bring the area to life. How to decorate your home with oriental rugs? Here’s what you need to know about oriental carpets.

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to modern decorating with oriental rugs, the improper mix and match might cause the décor in the room to clash and look discordant rather than giving the area a harmonious appearance.

How To Decorate Your Home With Oriental Rugs

Interior architecture is the balancing act of design art and science inside your interior environment. There are several methods to add flair and charm to your living space, ranging from coffee tables to area rugs. If you want to add some personality to your house, we have some decorative oriental rug ideas for you, even if you just have a little space.

Starting from the ground up with handmade oriental carpets is one of the greatest ways to start decorating. Many of us use the living room to meet as a family or to socialize with friends. As a result, turning your attention to interior architecture may help to create an inviting ambiance for both guests and friendly dialogue. If you’re looking for a living room with oriental rug ideas, you might want to consider adding an oriental rug to the living room.

Using an Oriental Rug to Decorate Your Home

Using an Oriental Rug to Decorate Your Home

Beautiful, handcrafted ornamental rugs set the tone of your living area, from the dining room to the living room. Regardless of the room, picking the other furnishings and décor becomes simple from there. Choosing the ideal Persian, traditional, or oriental rug for any area begins with careful size analysis. Even if you locate the perfect patterned rug, it will be unsuitable for your living area if it is the incorrect size. As a result, before looking at custom and customized carpets, collect accurate measurements of the related space.

An oriental carpet is most commonly used in the living room, especially under the sofa and coffee table, under the bed in any or all bedrooms, or beneath the dining table, bringing the area together with its seductive patterns and colors. As a result, measuring the furniture is critical for estimating the space.

For example, to be able to draw back the chairs while remaining on the rug, you need at least two extra feet on each side of the dining table. The preferred appearance in the living room is the couch put totally or partially on the rug; if you want to set your sofa entirely off the rug, the rug cannot be more than 2 inches away from the front of the sofa. The oriental rug in the bedroom should line with the whole width of both bedside tables, be positioned in front of the bedside tables, and extend the entire length of the bed and then some.

This is vital to know so that you do not wind up with unnecessary constraints. Let’s go through some rug decoration ideas and how to make the best investment.

Choosing the Right Rug Size

Begin by measuring the width and length of the room to be decorated. Subtract 2 to 3 feet from each dimension next. Oriental carpets that are two or three feet smaller than the room’s dimensions make the area feel more balanced and open.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Pattern and Design

Choosing the Most Appropriate Pattern and Design

As previously said, house interior design requires careful consideration of both art and science. If you want to decorate a space with a cluttered appearance, go with neutral hues rather than anything vibrant and patterned. Otherwise, your floor coverings’ patterns and colors would clash, creating an overpowering and chaotic impression.

If you pick more colorful and patterned custom and customized carpets, you should go with more modest paint colors and furniture. Making your oriental rugs the focal point of your home simplifies the coupling of paint color and wallpaper.

Selecting the Best Material and decorate your home with oriental rugs

When searching for beautiful rugs, it is critical to evaluate the quality of the materials used to make them. Rather than purchasing a hand-tufted traditional rug made of synthetic fibers, wool or silk rugs are preferable since they age better. Synthetic fibers age rapidly and badly, making them unsuitable investments.

Interior Design Inspiration and Guidance

Using oriental carpets to decorate your house produces a luxurious ambiance that directs guests around your living area. When designing a space with custom-made carpets, the form of the room should also be considered. For example, long, rectangular carpets in bathrooms and kitchens create a conspicuous “way.” This contributes not simply to design, but also to a feeling of order and intrigue.

Developing a Feeling of Harmony and Anchorage

If you’re putting a Persian rug in a sitting area, make sure the chairs’ front legs are always on the rug. This successfully creates an appearance of structure and harmony within your home’s décor.

Consider Using Rug Pads

Rug pads, whether used on hardwood floors or on top of a permanent carpet, assist to keep your Oriental rugs in place. It not only adds an extra layer of padding and protection, but it may also assist avoid floor damage.

Consider How Much Foot Traffic Your Rug Will Receive

Foot traffic areas in your home will eventually exhibit indications of dirt, wetness, and whatever else our shoes take up. If you’re going to use oriental carpets in a high-traffic location, choose one with a busy design. This reduces the appearance of wear and tear, grime, water, and other elements.

Keep An Eye Out For Air Vents, Outlets, And Wires

Take inventory of potential difficulties in the region before picking a new carpet addition to your interior architecture. This includes things like air vents, electrical cables, outlets, and door frames. Plan your upcoming purchase around these hurdles to avoid problems in the future.

Choose Handmade Over Machine-Made

Handmade oriental carpets are usually more sturdy and long-lasting than machine-made counterparts. While handmade carpets are generally substantially more expensive, their long-term value shows through.

Making the Best Interior Design Decisions with Oriental Rugs

Foot traffic, as well as ground-in dirt and debris, are not a problem for Oriental or Persian carpets. However, genuine Persian and Oriental carpets are an investment that must be safeguarded. You must keep them clean and well-maintained in order for them to remain lovely for many years.

Surface cleaning your rug on a regular basis is good if done professionally and the rug is well kept, but nothing beats expert rug cleaning. The specialists have the experience, skills, and products to ensure that your rug is cleaned properly. Depending on traffic, use, location, and other considerations, you should have your Oriental or Persian carpets professionally cleaned at least once every three to four years.

To clean Oriental or Persian carpets professionally, they must be taken from the home and transported to the cleaning facility. It must be well dusted beforehand, washed with organic specific agents ideal for silk or wool carpets, and dried completely in the sun. Otherwise, the rug may sustain irreversible damage.

Frequent Asked Questions about Oriental Rugs

Where should Oriental rugs be placed?

An oriental carpet is most commonly used in the living room, especially under the sofa and coffee table, under the bed in any or all bedrooms, or beneath the dining table, bringing the area together with its seductive patterns and colors.

Are Oriental rugs out of style in 2022?

Designers and trend forecasters believe that vintage rugs appear to be back in popularity in 2022 and that selecting history over rapid fashion gives value to our lives.

Do Oriental rugs go with everything?

Whatever your style is, oriental carpets match with EVERYTHING! Whether you want a vivid and brilliantly colored rug, a geometric one, or a more simple distressed or over-dyed area rug, there are so many options available that you’ll find one that suits your needs and style.

Should Oriental rugs match?

It is advised that you utilize the same color family throughout your home if you want to create a unified aesthetic. Oriental rugs may also be mixed and matched with another style of area rug that has a solid color to completely complement the other.

Are Oriental rugs out of style?

Oriental carpets are widely sought after by homeowners and interior designers due to their great quality and design. They have never gone out of vogue due to their history and beauty.

Summing Up About Decoration With Oriental Rugs

Finding the perfect antique oriental rugs for the living room does not have to be a difficult task. These guidelines for how to decorate your home with oriental rugs will assist you in selecting your carpet and home furnishings at the start of the architectural and interior design process. While there are many factors to consider before making a purchase, your dimensions are the most important. Everything else, from patterns to location, begins to fall into place once you know the size of your space. With this approach, you may effectively create a serene, stylish setting that friends and family will love for years to come.

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