Do Led Strip Lights Use A Lot of Electricity

Do Led Strip Lights Use A Lot of Electricity? Lets Investigate

Despite technological advancement and new units being invented to enlighten your house, some users might still be up to the standard incandescent bulbs, which is a concern for paying high bills upon its usage, so what can be the solution? It’s simple! In that case, an LED strip instead of incandescent light might help you, but do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

Do Led Strip Lights Use A Lot of Electricity

LED lights are an energy-efficient and eco-friendly way of lighting your surroundings, featuring of low carbon footprint and up to 75% low energy consumption compared to standard bulbs; it not only enlightens the space but keeps it protected from those harmful UV rays and chemicals that are released from a traditional bulb.

How Much Electricity Does an LED Strip Light Use?

As LED lights are a good option to replace the standard light bulbs, it is clear that these LED strips do not use a lot of electricity but rather provide high efficiency of up to 90% and keep the indoors enlightened with 75% – 80% less electricity usage. Because of its diode function, it produces more luminance and encourages less electricity use.

Remember that the electricity usage depends upon the specific LED product you are opting for to solve the lighting issues. The higher the electric consciousness of a LED light, the more its electric efficiency will lead to reduced bill costs.

Led Strip Lights Electricity Usage vs. Incandescent Light Bulb

Do LED Strip Lights Use A Lot Of Electricity

Please don’t get tricked by the LED small-size lights; they may look small but are energy-efficient illuminating bodies that can enlighten your surroundings. Most probably, they are opted for indoors and are most favorable for use on ceilings, walls, mirrors, and other places. You need to check the product’s weather resistance and outdoor usage if you want it outdoors.

It also depends on the bulb’s nature and quality. In terms of electricity usage, comparing Led vs. incandescent light bulbs, the LED strip lights will only require 7- 35 Watts of electricity. Still, for a standard bulb, it will run on 100 + watts utilizing more electricity.


Remember that the wattage also depends upon the product you are acquiring. LED lights make you worry-free if the light is left on; there is no need to worry they are not hitting your bill; that’s why they can remain light for longer without getting overheated.

Energy Efficiency of LED Strip Lights

What makes LED lights energy efficient- (Let's Investigate) - What makes LED lights energy efficient- (Let's Investigate)

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity? If you compare the working of an LED light with a standard bulb, you will find out that the standard bulb takes electricity and passes it on to the filament to heat it. Once heated, the atoms get excited and release light as most of the electricity is used to excite the atoms requiring the intake of high current to emit light.

In the case of LED light, the diode quickly gets activated, releasing electro luminance without getting overheated like standard bulbs; that is why these are energy-efficient units and can be opted for indoors or as per your desired site favor to opt the lights.

Here you can find the updated prices of LED Strip Lights.

Is There An Increase In Electricity Bill After Using LED Strip Lights?

No worries, LED lights do not make your electricity bill high! The reason is that it uses low-voltage DC power instead of standard 120 volts AC, which means that they are more energy-efficient and can be used for a longer time. Another factor that contributes to the lower consumption of electricity bills is that LED light bulbs last up to 50,000 hours or even more while traditional incandescent bulbs only work for 1,200 hours.

For example, a standard density LED strip uses 1.3W per meter. If you were to run a 5m strip for 6 hours a day, that would use 39 watt-hours or 0.039kWh per day. That’s just over 1 cent per day at the current US average electricity price of 13 cents per kWh.

How You Can Calculate LED Strip Power Consumption?

Most 12V LED strips are available in two different power ratings, either 24 Watts per meter or 36 Watts per meter. You can calculate the power consumption of your LED strip by multiplying the number of meters you have by 24 or 36 depending on the power rating. For example, if you have a 5-meter length of LED strip that is rated at 24 Watts per meter, the power consumption would be 120 Watts (5 x 24).

Remember that when installing your light strips and planning your power requirements, it’s always better to overestimate slightly than underestimate. We suggest using 20% more wattage than what you actually need to be safe. This means that the average 12-volt LED light strip will consume between 2.4 and 7.2 watts per foot depending on the type of LEDs used (single color, RGB, etc.).

Benefits Of LED Lights


Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity? LED light strips are 80% efficient in electricity usage and may reach up to 90% depending on use. Led strips of high luminesce and brightness can reduce efficiency, but that’s not a concern.

Durable And Long-Lasting Bulbs

You would be amazed by the durability and lasting of the LED strips, as they can last for about 16 years if the usage is 08 hours a day. You can use them for about 20,000 to 50,000 hours.

Reduce Electricity Bill

Because of energy efficiency, it reduces the bill compared to standard lighting. Only require a few watts, like 5 or 7 up to 35, to keep running. For this reason, many people opt to get the best Led light color to sleep with.

Operates On Low Voltage

Despite low voltage, the LED strip lights will remain enlightened while other bulbs will become dim. High-voltage LED strip lights are also available.

No Overheating Issues

For LED strips, the problem to reduce heat from LED lights is eliminated, which makes them long-life, workable lights. Because of that, electricity is purely utilized to release light.

Modern Design And Usage

The incorporation of diode technology makes them sophisticated and contemporary designed light strips with high efficiency and performance.

Instant Illumination

These light strips provide instant illumination and can be used at your favorite sites to enjoy amazing lights. So are led light strips safe for walls? Yes, they are safe and offer instant lighting.

Eliminating Chemicals And UV Release

You might be well aware that standard bulbs release harmful chemicals and UV rays, but unlike LED, they are safe to opt for at home.


They eliminate harmful rays, making them eco-friendly lights to be used indoors and outdoors. Do you need to read the label, as not all led strip lights are compatible with outdoor usage?

Is LED Strip Light Costly?

The LED strips are sophisticatedly designed with incorporated diode technology, providing several benefits and reducing electricity usage, making them costly. So yes, the initial price of LED strips is a bit expensive.

How Much Do LED Lights Cost?

You can have an LED strip for $20 and reach up to $50+ depending upon the type, length, and color of lights the strip offers. Some strips even provide $15 and reach $75+. To want low-budget LED strips, you can go for the lights for $3, providing up to 5 meters of the strip. These are a one-time investment and will keep working for longer terms, not like the standard bulbs that overheat and gets out of work by bursting the filament.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I Leave My LED Strip Lights On All Night?

You can leave these lights overnight if you have a party or event. LED lights are small in size, reducing the chances of overheating and making them work for longer times.

Do LED Lights Use Less Electricity?

LED light strips have a diode that ensures energy efficiency and minimizes electricity usage. If you opt for more luminous or cause overuse of the LED strips, it would utilize electricity like a normal bulb.

Do Lead Lights Use More Electricity Than Light Bulbs?

LED lights require 07 to 35-watt energy compared to a standard light bulb that works on 100+ watts to illuminate your surroundings. So no LED lights are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs.

How Much Electricity Do LED String Lights Use?

An LED string light uses as little as 2.4 watts of electricity to keep it enlightened without overheating, utilizing the current energy to emit light.


We are glad that you made it to the end. We hope you will have a great experience and benefit from the knowledge regarding LED strip lights’ energy consumption and cost in terms of using your query: Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity? It needs to be solved now as using these light strips reduces electricity usage rather than increases it. This technology so increasing with advancement, and various other led products, high-density LED strip lights are making space in the market to ensure energy efficiency and safety.

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