How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be

How Far Apart Should Wall Sconces Be – A Thorough Guide

How Far Apart Should Wall Sconces Be? Having light sources shedding sufficient amounts of light is necessary for every household. We see well-lit places, our homes, offices, or studios. With installing light sources comes another issue of proper placement of wall sconces. To help you solve this problem, we have produced a guide to help you arrange your sconces perfectly.

How Far Apart Should Wall Sconces Be

Let’s discuss more how far apart should wall sconces be?

A Detailed Guide On How Far Apart Should Wall Sconces Be Mounted

You should consider numerous factors before fixing a light source in your house. Ideally, wall sconces height should be at a distance of 60-72″ from the finished floor. However, it depends on the house’s layout, in which you can place multiple fixtures differently.

In horizontal placing generally, the sconces should be 6′ apart, but this isn’t a standard rule as it depends on how long the corridors are. The architectural features also play a significant role in the installation of sconces.

How Far To Place Wall Sconces For Different Places – A Complete Explanation


How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Bathroom

The 6 feet rule applies everywhere; that is, there should be a distance of 6 feet horizontally between two successive sconces. You can take the bathroom sink as a reference and place the sconces at a length of 18 inches from it.

You can place a couple of sconces on either side of the bathroom mirror. When placing the sconces on the sides of a mirror, ensure a 1-inch distance from the sides of the mirror. Keep the two bathroom sconce height at a length of 36 to 40 inches. Place the sconces at the height of your face.

You can also place a single mirror with sconces. Be assured to keep the sconce at the exact center of the mirror. There should be a 1 to 5 inches gap between the sconce and the top margin of the mirror.

Hallway Or Staircase

How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Hallway or staircase

You can quickly determine how far apart should this simple explanation install wall sconces. If the size of your wall is 10 feet, you should fix the sconce at three-fourths the height of 7.5 feet from the floor.

Speaking about how far apart horizontally should wall sconces be, you should place successive sconces at a distance of 6 feet minimum and 10 feet maximum, so it doesn’t get too bright or too dull.

Study Table

How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Study table

There is no exact value for the height at which your study table should mount a sconce. As a general rule, the sconce should be fixed midway between your head and the book you are studying.

This height is very subjective as not everyone in a house has the same height. But surely, this trick will help you determine how far apart vertically wall sconces should be placed.


How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Bedroom

The sconces should be mounted at the same height as the headboard of your bed. If you have a standard-sized bed, you can mount the sconces at the same height as the headboard. The sconces and the headboard must be in line.

If your bed does not have a headboard, place the sconces 5 to 6 feet from the floor. You can also mount them two feet high, taking the side of your bed as a reference.


How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Artwork

How far apart should wall sconces be placed beside your favorite art piece? Ideally, you should place two sconces on each side of the artwork. Each sconce should illuminate half to three-quarters of the picture, not more or less than that.

The wall sconces should be in line with the artwork. They should be the same height as the art piece. Place each sconce at a distance of 4 to 5 inches from the picture so it doesn’t overshine the image.


How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Kitchen

If you are wondering how far apart should wall sconces be placed, so they light your kitchen perfectly, we’ve got an answer for you. You should mount those sconces at 60 inches from the ground. If you have a standard counter 36 inches high, you should fix the sconces so that there is an adequate 24 to 30 inches clearance between the countertop and the lower part of the mounting.

If your kitchen has a large area, you should add multiple kitchen sconces, each at a distance of 6 feet from the previous one. Just make sure that they are in line with each other and that none of them is too low to obstruct your activities.


How Far Apart Should Wall Scones Be - Entryway

The sconces can be placed on the inside or outside of an entrance to your home. If you want to welcome your guests warmly, you can mount a yellow-toned sconce a few inches from the door frame.

Thinking of how far apart wall sconces should be placed outside the entryway? The best answer is to mount a wall sconce at a three-quarters height of your wall. The sconce should be fitted above the doorbell. Placing a sconce outside the entryway also performs the security duty for your guests.

Conclusion About How Far Apart Should Wall Sconces Be

Wall sconces enhance the look of your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your home. They should be set correctly to adequately shed light and create a quiet environment. You don’t want it to be too low that you can see the top of the fixture with the bulb put in, but it also shouldn’t be too high that it doesn’t light the area it’s supposed to. The article discusses how far apart the wall sconces should be mounted for different locations.

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