How High To Hang Mirror

How High To Hang Mirror – A Complete Guide

Are you one of the families with dynamics of height diversity within the family? Primarily, your mirror hanging height position serves to be a significant affair in homes, and who wouldn’t want to make the most out of those simple, ornate wooden pieces? ‘How high to hang your mirrorcan be a tricky activity, but once you have read through this article, you will surely think differently.

How High To Hang Mirror

Follow below to learn more about the accurate position to hang your mirror and achieve that perfect glance.

How High To Hang A Mirror

Whether it’s to make the room more appealing or for you to take an occasional quick scan, how high or low the mirror is hanging makes an impact.

Popular places to hang a mirror include; the living room, bedroom, entryways, and dining room. They certainly add a chic look to the home, but it’s significant where you hang them. Your mirror should be roughly 57-65 inches above the floor level. The main idea here is to set it at eye level.

Some Tips On How High To Hang Mirrors

If you wish to know how high you should be hanging a mirror on the sofa, a good rule of thumb for standard sofas is eligible to apply here. The mirror should be approximately 8-12 inches above a traditional sofa.

You’ve already picked that perfect mirror that is to your taste. But where do you hang it?

Mirror placement can be confusing. You would not want to overpower the furniture or draw attention to the wrong elements in the room. The height of the mirror is undoubtedly an essential factor when considering the position of your mirror.

Full-Length Mirrors

How High To Hang Mirror - Full-length mirrors

You’d be wondering about the application for the same scenario when dealing with full-length mirrors. Don’t worry, because this guide has covered all the required resources. In this case, it depends on the mirrors and the space. It would help if you hung it at a height from where you can view yourself head to toe(including your shoes). The perfect size could be analyzed by how comfortably you can consider yourself from a distance of a few feets.

Dining Room Mirror Placement

How High To Hang Mirror - Dining room mirror placement

Deciding how to hang a mirror and how to hang a picture light can be challenging when decorating your home. However, the placement of the mirror and picture in the dining room will make your gathering more enjoyable.

If you hang a mirror in the dining room, you might want to go somewhat lower or higher, depending on the table’s height. Also, create a visual break with approximately 4 inches of space between the dining and the mirror.

The key to hanging a mirror is creating that ‘balance.’ Making at least a 5-6 inch difference between your furniture and mirror will set the perfect look.

In case of no furniture to compliment the mirror, have it about 50 inches above the floor. If your furniture is high, create a 3-5 inch difference between the mirror and the furniture. Your happiness with the placement and setting is essential, so use measuring tapes for reference before attaching the mirror.

A mirror hanging at your eye level mirrors functionality. With a smaller mirror in possession, you could always turn it lower. Imagine sitting in your dining room with your smart mirror, catching the light from the window and reflecting your furniture. You can transform this imagination into reality by placing your mirror at the ideal height.

Furthermore, the mirror should be placed at a reasonable height in the dining area so that it does not allow guests to peek at themselves while eating. Moreover, it should be set for standing height, not seated size.

Mirror Placement Above Furniture

How High To Hang Mirror - Mirror placement above furniture

Having a mirror above your head when seated can cause uneasiness and discomfort. To avoid this difficulty, situate the sofa a couple of inches above the mirror. To gain more clarity, grab some tape and brown paper and map things out on the wall before hammering in nails. Remember, there are certain exceptions to these rough measurements.

If you’re hanging the mirror above your sofa, set it 7-8 inches above the furniture. Any lower than this would feel like the mirror is overpowering the couch- any higher would make it look like it’s clinching to the ceiling. Further, you always have the option of gaining some intel on your top to get a better idea. For example, If you have a roof over 9 feet high, you can raise the mirror up to 12 inches; so the furniture and the mirror don’t look too dominant. We know we’re talking inches here, but believe me, every inch is essential.

Mirror Placement In Conformity With Heights

How High To Hang Mirror - Mirror placement in conformity with heights

A significant difference in sizes? If you are shorter or taller than an average person, you must hang the mirror high or low accordingly. No one’s a standard height, meaning no size fits all with how high you hang your mirror. There should be no less than a distance of 5 feet between the top of the mirror and the floor. The space in the mid of the bottom of the mirror and the floor should be about a foot at least.

Bathroom Mirror Positioning

How High To Hang Mirror - Bathroom Mirror positioning

In the toilets, the mirror is usually hung above the sink.

If the size and composition of the bathroom allow, the mirror can be lined up on the opposite wall. This mirror layout gives a good view of the back, which is very useful when styling hair. It liberates your arms from holding the mirror in front of you and visually amplifies the room and makes it look brighter.

Best Place To Hang A Mirror

There are several purposes of a mirror, but the hanging location should be decided primarily. If the mirror is for decorative purposes, it can go up high on the wall. It will serve as more of an art piece than a functional one. Second, if you want to use the mirror for functional purposes like doing your makeup or hair, then it should be hung at a comfortable eye level so that you don’t have to strain your neck while looking into it. Third, if the mirror is meant to reflect light and make your space look bigger, then place it opposite a window.

Tips For Hanging a Mirror

Here are some tips that you can follow when hanging a mirror:

  • Choose the right size of mirror for your space a too-small or too-large mirror can look out of place.
  • Consider the shape of the mirror when choosing where to hang it. For example, a rectangular mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, while a round mirror looks best when hung in the center of a wall.
  •   When hanging a heavy mirror, be sure to use screws that are long enough to go through the thickness of the wall and into the studs behind it. This will help to prevent the mirror from falling off the wall.
  • If you’re hanging a mirror near a piece of furniture, such as a dresser or console table, be sure to leave enough space between them so that you can still walk comfortably around the room.

Mirrors Should Never Be Hung

There are certain areas in our homes where we should probably avoid hanging mirrors. These spaces can be classified as the following:

1.  Near electrical outlets or appliances – Hanging a mirror near an outlet or an appliance can be extremely dangerous. Not only is there the risk of electrical shock, but also the potential for fire if the mirror were to shatter.

2.  Above a fireplace – This is another no-no when it comes to hanging mirrors. The heat from the fireplace can cause the mirror to crack or even shatter completely. Plus, there’s always the danger of soot and ashes ruining the glass.

3.  In direct sunlight – Hanging a mirror in direct sunlight will eventually cause the glass to fade and discolor. If you must hang a mirror in a sunny spot, make sure it’s protected by UV-resistant glass.

4.  In moisture-prone areas – Hanging a mirror in an area where it will be exposed to lots of water (e.g., near a shower or sink) is asking for trouble.

Where Not To Hang A Mirror

There are a lot of things to consider when hanging a mirror in your home. But there are a few places you should definitely avoid. Here are four places where you should never hang a mirror.

  • In front of a window: This will reflect light into the room and make it feel brighter.
  • In the bedroom:  specifically on the ceiling above the bed
  • In the kitchen: particularly near the stove
  • In your bathroom: You can hang a mirror above the sink, but a mirror in the bathroom will reflect the toilet and the shower, which can be unsightly.

Conclusion About How High To Hang Mirror

Mirror hanging plays a significant role in home decor, and placing it at an ideal height is the primary goal. We have provided you with details on how you can set the size of your mirror in different locations ranging from the dining hall, bedroom, living room, etc.

With the information in this guide, you’ll find it easier to make the right choice when adorning the desired positions at your house with mirrors.

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