How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be

How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be – Size Guide

A bedroom is at the heart of a house, a place to respite and relax after the long hectic routines of our daily urban lives. Almost every bedroom is adorned with bedside tables, flanked with bedside table lamps. But the most important question when choosing a lamp is how tall a bedside table lamp should be.

How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be

How To Pick The Right Size Lamp

Well, there is no denying that the exact and proper height of the bedside table lamps plays a pivotal role in bringing out the decor and mood of the room. When considering a bedside table lamp size guide, the appropriate height should be given proper thought as it determines the emanation point of night stand light that will give the room its ambiance and look. Don’t worry yourself at all, as the following guidelines will dispel the ambiguities in your mind. So here we go with the basic tips to choose the best tall bedside lamp for your bedroom.

Height of a Bedside Table Lamp

How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be

As a general rule of thumb, the proper height of a bedside table lamp shouldn’t be too high or too low. Generally speaking, the height of the bedside table lamp should be between the ranges of 28 – 32 inches.

But while considering the height, you should be aware of the height of your bedside table. If it is the same height as that of the mattress of your bed, then your lamp selection can go towards the upper range of height, 30 – 32 inches. But if your bedside table is a little higher than the level of your mattress, then you can go for the lower ranges of height over the bed lamp, which will be from 28-30 inches.

Here you have to pull in your esthetics and creativity to decide what looks pleasant to your eyes and the atmosphere of your room. Again, the high and low balance can be attained by considering the height of your bed set head. The lamp heights should complement the headset of your bed and should not go totally out of proportion with that.

Another essential thing is that height determines the flow of light into the room and its ambiance. A lamp that is too tall will let the light glare into your eyes while reading a book, and too low will let you lean out of bed to get some light for reading. The best height of the bedside lamp is if it’s at your shoulder level if you are sitting in the bed. This perfect and ideal height adds a special character and personality to the room and makes it as comfortable as desired.

Pay Attention to the Size and Placement of the Lamp

How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be

The selection of an appropriate size and placement of a lamp makes it a statement piece on its own. The size means the area covered by the lamp and its shade. The design of the lamp should be sleek if there isn’t much space on the bedside table where you have decided to place it.

But if you have an open space with little or no decoration, you can go for lamps with a broader base that will give it a more striking appeal. With a broader base and diameter of the lamp covering the bedside table, you shouldn’t be going for other decoration pieces on the table. Still, if you require adding some other decoration pieces, you should stick to a slimmer base lamp to complement your other pieces.

The Height and Shape of a Bedside Table Lamp Shade

How Tall Should Bedside Table Lamps Be

The size and space provided by the bedside table should be taken into special consideration before selecting the shade of a lamp. When people often decorate with small nightstand lamps, they sometimes go for shades that are way too big or too small, which undermines the whole look and design of the room rather than complementing it with its surroundings. Now, if you have a small space on the bedside table, you cannot have a round shade because the shade’s diameter will be pushed against the wall, meaning it needs a big space.

A new innovative variety of shades in other shapes also lets you play with the provided space to make it as attractive as possible. In this case, it’s better to go with contemporary rectangular shades. Still, if you desire to have the same traditional round-shaped shades, then there is still a way out by selecting the ones with a lesser diameter so that the area covered will be smaller. This will give you the same traditional look you desire, but things look overly done without making it.

Final Thoughts on How Tall Should Bedside Lamp Be

Bedside table lamps add a special note both to the design element and the bedroom’s practical purposes. The selection is never supposed to be random and hasty but with special consideration of the bedhead set’s design and the bedside table’s size and height. The appropriate height of the lamp, its console size, its base, and the dimensions of its shade matter a lot in enhancing the design elements of the room and its ambiance.

There are no set rules or guidelines for the proper design and height of the lamp as it can always be played with under the aesthetics faculty. Yet as a general rule of thumb, the height of a bedside table lamp lies between 28- 32 inches, while its base and console should be selected according to the space and the client’s desire. However, some basic generalizations cannot be overruled, such as the lamp’s height so as not to produce discomfort in reading and the comfort of the bedroom.

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