How To Clean Chandeliers On High Ceilings

How To Clean Chandeliers On High Ceilings – 4 Easy Ways

How to clean chandeliers on high ceilings? Considering that these chandeliers for high ceilings are so delicate and quite hard to reach many people fear installing them, or if you install them without a thought you just keep wondering how to reach and clean them.

However, I do agree that you need to be very cautious when cleaning these so that you don’t end up breaking any of them.

Nonetheless, chandeliers are a beautiful addition to your rooms. They enhance the overall look and elegance of your room. It gives a simple room more glamour and polish. A lot of people relate these to jewelry for a person.

Just like jewelry gives a more signifying look to your attire, the chandeliers act like a piece of jewelry in the room. But, no matter how expensive your jewelry is you have to keep it clean and shiny, similarly, you have to make sure the chandelier shines too.

How To Clean Chandeliers On High Ceilings

If you are one of those who think that not cleaning your chandelier for high ceilings won’t really make a difference let me tell you that it will soon lose its sparkle. In a while, it will then look completely dull and would not give a glamorous look to your room.

Anyhow, I am sure you would have chosen the best chandeliers for the high ceiling and you also know how to hang a chandelier in the living room. However, we will today eliminate your worry about cleaning them.

Your protection comes first

How To Clean Chandeliers On High Ceilings

We all very well know that you cannot reach the chandeliers without any help. The first thing you need to reach your chandelier is a stool or a ladder. So you should start with choosing a stool or ladder which is made for such a stepping purpose.

Also, keep in mind that the ladder or the stool must not be broken or unstable. Many have steps that move or are old. So make sure that the one you are choosing very nicely fits your step.

Moreover, many people are allergic to dust so they must stay away from the task of cleaning chandeliers on tall ceilings. Now if you do not have anybody to help then you can wear a mask that can help you cover your mouth and nose. It is preferable to wear protective eye gear because you do not know if you might break a piece of glass.

Many a time tiny pieces of glass from the chandelier and if in case it enters your eye it can harm them. Another safety piece that you can use is gloves. Gloves not only protect your hands from dirt and dust from sticking to your skin but also protects you from the bruises and cuts caused by the glass.

Collect everything you will require


Now that you know that your task is to clean the chandelier make sure that all the cleaning items are near you. You would be standing on a stool or a ladder so continuously going back and forth to grab your cleaning stuff would be a difficult and dangerous thing to do. And this will make you complete the task quite faster than usual.

Now if you are thinking of what things you will need to clean the chandelier’s tall ceiling then let’s provide you with a summarised list:

  • A duster to clean the dust.
  • Bulbs in case you find out any of the bulbs already installed have fused off.
  • A cleaning solution, maybe a spray that helps you clean the glass.
  • A piece of cloth but just make sure it is lint-free so that the cleaning process gets smoother.
  • You will need some compressed air can.
  • A spray bottle apart from the solution one. This spray bottle will have water in it.
  • A screwdriver to tighten the screws.

How to clean the chandelier

How to clean the chandelier

After you have made sure that all the cleaning stuff is gathered and you have the required stool or ladder let’s jump off to the part where we will discuss the steps of how to clean a high-ceiling chandelier.

Make sure the chandelier is switched off

we have to be very careful if the switch is on or off because if you leave it on, you are bringing in the chance of getting caught up with an electric shock. Also, it’s not only the switch you have to close but the main circuit to keep yourself completely safe.

Detach the shades

Many chandeliers have a frame that is fixed. Now, this fixed frame has a cover over it which is known as the shades. Now it depends on your chandelier if the shades are fixed with screws or without them. But, when you are removing the shades to clean the chandelier, you have to make sure to take off the bulbs.

While taking out the bulbs keep a check on which ones are working so that you know which ones to replace. Now remove the shades gradually and keep them on a mat.

You can clean the shades using the cleaning solution you had and wipe them off using a piece of cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp and not dripping wet. Sometimes the shades get quite dirty, and you see patches of stain over it.

To remove those, you can use a detergent and very politely scrub the dirt away. Later rinse it with water. Use a dry towel to clean it and dry it from the water. Do not put them back until and unless they are completely dry.

Cleaning the frame of the chandelier

Underneath the shades of the chandelier is the frame. The frame might have dust over it which can be cleaned using a duster. Using the duster wash away the dust from the surface. There might be some more dust on the surface so try a different material to clean that part.

However, if you have a glass or ceramic-made chandelier let me give you the good news, they are the easiest to clean. You can only use a simple damp cloth and wipe the chandelier using that. For any kind of stain use a diluted cleaning solution.

Though, there is a drawback these chandeliers get stained quite easily. If you clean it with water, water might leave a stain too. So do not let water droplets stay on the chandelier and clean it off properly. On the other, the graceful crystal chandeliers are really fragile.

It is advised to use compressed air cans to clean them. Avoid using dusters because they might shatter a crystal. So use the can to avoid any kind of risks. You might also find some cleaning solutions for crystal chandeliers in the market.

Now for those who have metallic chandeliers, the antique ones, cleaning your chandelier is a tough task to do. Just make sure you do not scrub it too hard or use a solution that reacts to it. This might lead to the polish being ruined. Look for cleaning solutions that are specifically made of metal.

This will help you get rid of the stains on your chandelier and keep the polish as it is. You might be surprised to know that cloth and paper chandeliers give you the toughest time. They need to be cleaned regularly. If you do not clean it properly the dirt will collect and cause serious damage to your chandelier.

So it is quite a complicated cleaning technique. You can use the air cans to remove dust but you cannot use a damp cloth on them. So just make sure you clean it every other day. Next is the wooden chandelier and there’s a variety of wooden chandeliers.

Now how to clean it depends on the kind of wood and how they are styled. The best way to clean a chandelier is to either use the air can or the duster. They don’t really hold stains and are very easy to clean. If there’s a stain that troubles you, use the lint cloth and rub it a little. Acrylic and plastic chandeliers are cleaned using a damp cloth. It is easy to clean but just make sure you clean every wet spot to avoid it leaving stains on your chandelier.

Replacing your old bulbs with new ones and cleaning them

Sometimes the reason behind dim light is not it fusing out, but the dust collecting around it. In such cases use a cloth to clean the dirt.

Use a Brush to Clean

To clean chandeliers on high ceilings, you need to use a cleaning brush with a long handle. These days, there are different types of brushes available in the market. You can even use a feather duster. If you use a regular brush, make sure to cover its bristles with a soft piece of cloth to avoid scratches.

Use Soap Water

To clean your chandelier, mix soap and water together. The proportion doesn’t matter, just make sure the water is warm. Soak a soft cloth in the mixture and gently start cleaning the chandelier. Be careful not to damage the fixture

Rinse with Distilled Water

Once you have finished cleaning with soap and water, rinse the chandelier off with a bowl of distilled water. This is necessary to remove any soap residue and will also make it shine.

Here you can find the updated prices of Chandelier cleaners.

Is Chandeliers Hard To Clean?

Cleaning chandeliers is not a difficult task, although it does take some time and effort. That’s why it is important to determine the size of the chandelier for dining room. If your chandelier is large and made of crystal or glass, then it will certainly not be easy to clean. You must be very careful while cleaning it to avoid any scratches or damage to your chandelier.

What should You Prevent when Cleaning Chandeliers?

Cleaning chandeliers can be tricky because you don’t want to damage delicate crystals or metalwork.

● Avoid using abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the chandelier’s surface.
● It’s also important to avoid getting water on the chandelier, as this can cause rusting or other damage.
● Avoid rotating the chandeliers as it will cause them to degrade quicker.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you clean a high-ceiling light fixture?

Start with using a duster and then spraying water to wipe the chandelier. If you see stains then use dish soap.

Are chandeliers hard to clean?

It does look like a tough task to do but if you are aware of the stuff you will be requiring and how to clean a chandelier then doing it is quite easy for you.

How much does it cost to clean a chandelier?

The basic cost of cleaning it takes around $28 to $34.

How do you clean the chandelier from the ceiling?

All you have to do is use detergent with warm water. Take the help of a piece of cloth to help you wipe the dust away.

Can you use Windex to clean the crystal chandelier?

Yes, you can. After disassembling, you should put the crystals and glass strands on the paper towels and spray them with the glass cleaner using Windex.

Our Final Verdict on How to clean a chandelier

Installing chandeliers is a very nice idea because it brings beauty to your house. It not only adds light but an extravagant look to your room too. However, I won’t disagree that chandeliers are expensive so in this case, you must make sure you maintain them properly. It does look like a difficult task but once you are aware of the entire procedure it gets quite easy for you to do it.

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