How To Determine Rug Pad Size

How To Determine Rug Pad Size – Helpful Guide

How To Determine Rug Pad Size? You are decorating your own home. Decoration demands various things and dedication, meticulous approach, and pleasure. It is not just about purchasing luxurious furniture or different household items; it’s the art of embellishing your home with minimum things of great utility. It can be anything from showpieces, vases, and artistic paintings to beautiful carpets and rugs.

Specifically, talking about rugs are frequently used to protect the sensitive surfaces of your home. They are the perfect choice for places that are mostly crowded with people. Nevertheless, making several choices while buying a rug pad is not easy. It requires a lot of expertise and knowledge of best rug pad.

How To Determine Rug Pad Size

Many features are usually associated with a rug and rug pad. These features include the size, shape, color, and pattern of the rug and rug pad. These features are usually interlinked as choosing the right size for the area rug pad holds similar importance to opting for its proper color and design.

Rug pads are mostly used to protect the rug and reduce its expiry date. They remain intact on the rug’s backside and keep the rug separated from hardwood surfaces. Rug pads are usually available in different colors and patterns.

So, how do determine rug pad size? Let’s find out…

How To Determine The Size Of The Rug Pad?

How To Determine Rug Pad Size? - How to determine the size of the rug pad?

To enhance the aesthetic beauty of your room, you need a perfectly fitted rug pad. For this purpose, different steps can help determine the rug pad’s right size. The steps included are:

Always purchase the rug pad after measuring its length and width with measuring tape. Measurement should be carried out according to the size of the rug. For precise measurements, the rug’s ends containing tassels are not included.

The rug pad should be smaller than the rug to get the right measurements. You can get a particular measurement by subtracting two inches from length and width.

Moreover, a rug pad size calculator can be used for precise size. For instance, if the size of the rug lying in your bedroom is 7’x8′, you will select a rug bad the size of six by seven feet.

Exceptions are here for the thicker rug pads. To calculate their right size, you need to subtract two and a half to three inches from the rug’s value. For example, for a rug of 8’x10, you need a rug pad of the size of 5.5’x7′.

Things Required For Resizing The Rug Pads

How To Determine Rug Pad Size? - Things required for resizing the rug pads

With the help of certain things, you can get your desired custom-size rug pads. These items include a pair of scissors, a knife or cutter, tape, a marker, and a supporting board. And the method is quite simple; you need to take precise measurements, mark them, and cut them with the help of scissors and a sharp blade by putting them on a hardboard.

It is easy to resize all the rug pads, but their quality also affects their resizing. For example, a foam rug pad is rather comfortable and easy to cut compared to other rug pads.

Benefits Of Getting Well-Fitted Rug Pads

You can get all benefits in one rug pad. Some advantages are listed here:

  • The good and strong grip system
  • Long-standing durability
  • Protection of rugs and floors
  • Comfort space for walking and sitting
  • Source of insulation
  • Provision of non-stickiness
  • It helps to stay rugs on floors and carpets
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Easy to install at a home
  • Enhances the exquisite beauty of a room
  • Absorbs noise pollution
  • Safe for the environment

Why Is There A Need To Resize Rug Pads? 

How To Determine Rug Pad Size? - Why is there a need to resize rug pads? 

Rug pads are usually designed according to the size of the rug. The perfect compatibility of rug pads with the rug enhances the beauty of your living space. Otherwise, the wrong size of oriental rug pad can dampen the beauty of your luxurious furniture and your rug. So, it is important to keep in mind certain things while resizing the rug pads.

If the size of a rug pad is larger than the rug, cut the unnecessary side of the rug pad with the help of a knife and scissors. Cutting of the rug pad should not be carried out without precise measurements. Accurate measurements are important for resizing the rug pads. It is advisable to keep the rug pad one inch smaller than the size of the rug so that its corners remain hidden under the rug. The resizing of the rug pads varies from place to place and area to area.

Rather than getting a custom-size rug pad, you can get all in one rug pad as well. When buying a rug pad, must know the rug pad side down to make sure you purchase the right size rug pad.

Opting For A Rug Pad According To Your Living Space Size 

It is impossible to choose the size of a rug pad haphazardly. It must be according to your room, whether bedroom, living room, dining room, or kitchen. If you have a medium-sized room, 5’x8′ size rug pad would be better. However, large-sized rug pads are usually used for living rooms and dining rooms. Large-sized rug pads usually range from 8’x10′ to 10’x12′.

Now the question comes to your mind which side of the rug pad should go down? The answer usually lies in the instruction on the rug pad. For general understanding, the smooth side of the rug pad must usually go down against the back of the rug. And the coarse side is meant for the rug to protect hardwood surfaces.

Conclusion About Rug Pad Size

Rug pads are usually used to protect the rugs and floors, give decorative touch, and comfort your feet. However, the problem lies in determining the size of the rug pads. This problem can easily be tackled by taking precise measurements according to the rug.

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