How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room – Detailed Guide

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room? A chandelier is the center of attention when one enters your house. To overcome this problem, one must know that the size of the chandelier and your dining room usually go hand in hand. The right chandelier is based on the area and height of your dining room.

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room

Let’s discuss how to determine the size of the chandelier for the dining room.

How To Determine The Size Of The Chandelier For The Dining Room

Your house is not limited to your dining room. Here are different sections: the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The sizes of chandeliers vary according to the nature and design of your place and rooms.

Three steps are useful in determining the size of the chandelier.

Step 1 deals with the measuring area and height of the dining room for the chandelier’s diameter

Step 2 consists of measurements derived from taking the readings of the height of the ceiling to determine the chandelier’s height

Step 3 relates to finding out the chain’s length

Now we discuss all three steps in detail

Step 1: Chandelier’s Diameter

To obtain the diameter of the chandelier, one must calculate the width and height of the dining room and then add them for diameter. For example, if your dining room has a height of 18 feet and a width of 10 feet, then the chandelier that you will buy should have a diameter of 28 inches for your dining room.

These calculations also depend on the shape of the fixture. In the case of oval and rectangular shapes, half the chandelier length comparable to the table’s length is acceptable. However, a length of more than two-thirds will cast negative impacts.

Suppose you have two chandeliers to be hung over the dining room table. In that case, you can find the diameter of each chandelier by dividing the table’s width by several chandeliers.

Step 2: Chandelier’s Height

To obtain the height of the chandelier, you need to find the room’s height; then, this value is multiplied by 2.5. The resultant value will be the value of the chandelier’s height. For example, if your dining room height is standing at 12 inches, after multiplying it by 2.5, you will get the height of 24.5 inches.

Step 3: Chandelier Chain’s Length

There is a general rule that the chain of chandeliers must be 7.5-8 feet above your room’s table or floor. Specifically, in the case of the dining room, the value should be around 30-36 inches above your dining room’s table. This does not require any calculations and measurements.

These guidelines are not just limited to the placement of chandeliers in the dining room. Just find out the right chandelier for them. With these instructions and measurements, you can easily place the chandelier perfectly in any place, be it your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or spacious hallway.

These guidelines are:

If your dining room or ant room is smaller than 10 feet x 10 feet, you must have a chandelier size 18-20 inches large and wide.

If you are the inhabitant of a room about twelve feet x twelve feet, your option would be only to choose a chandelier about the size of 23 to 27 inches large/

In the case of a room about the size of 14 feet x 14 feet, only a 25-32 wide chandelier will accommodate your needs.

Different types of chandeliers carry different instructions according to their sizes.

Candle Chandeliers

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room - Candle chandeliers

The trend of using candle chandeliers over dining tables dates back to the medieval period when modernity was on the back burner. This is favorable for those who like to show interest in antique styles. And these chandeliers do not occupy much space.

Crystal Chandeliers

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room - Crystal chandeliers

This is made up of remarkably beautiful crystals. People usually have such kinds of chandeliers in their dining room and living room.

Antler Chandeliers

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room - Antler chandeliers

This kind of chandelier is perfect for defining your home as the home of some nature lover. But these antlers are not the real ones. So the prospect of hunting animals has been negated.

Glass Chandeliers

How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room - Glass chandeliers

They are made up of glass materials. These chandeliers are usually adored due to their diversity and variety. But they are not easy to handle.

 Modern Chandeliers

 How To Determine Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room - Modern chandeliers

A modern chandelier is the future of the coming young generation because they will prioritize such modern chandeliers over outdated ones.

There are many objects which come under the umbrella of interior design. These objects range from a wall sconce, paintings, sculptures, and antique pieces to a beautiful chandelier. Specifically, a chandelier is a lighting object attached to the wall. It makes your environment quite fascinating and stylish. It lightens up your home in a remarkable manner. Opting for a befitting chandelier is quite difficult and tiresome despite all these characteristics. Selection of table chandeliers demands impeccable expertise and an astute mind. Moreover, a meticulous approach makes your work further easy.

The main problem a customer faces is what size of chandelier they should buy for their house. Sometimes, he buys a smaller one than his house and vice versa. For instance, if he bought a small chandelier compared to his dining room, the chandelier would lose its essence and beauty in a very wide space. As a result, his sole purpose of imparting a fashionable and exquisite touch to his room will drain.

Verdict About Determine The Size Of Chandelier For Dining Room

A chandelier is the best lighting fixture for brightening your home and beautifying your dining room. It represents your taste in art, architecture, and interior design. For this purpose, you need to know how to find the best chandelier befitted for your room and home. And this article will provide you with some insights on your selection and procedure.

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