How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture – A Detailed Guide

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture? Lighting is always meant to bring luminosity to one’s life. You cannot deny the power of lighting when it brightens your home and highlights its important interior design details. Similarly, a wall sconce is a wall lighting object placed on the wall of various places ranging from your bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dining room. These sconces were used to hold candles and torches when electricity was not in sight in medieval times. In the advent of the modern world, these wall sconces have morphed to hold lighting objects connected within them.

Wall sconces are usually used for decorative purposes. They enhance the beauty of architecture and your house. They also impart a cozy ambiance and pleasant illumination and adornment. Sconces are usually hung next to various objects ranging from mirrors, beds, and pictures to decoration pieces. There is a proper way to hang sconces next to these objects. For this purpose, the top of the sconces should be above your eye level so that no one can see the bulb. The distance between the sconces and the floor should be between 6 feet.

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture

More specifically, wall sconces next to pictures impart an exquisite and stylish touch. You feel comfortable with wall sconces even in small places, ultimately hiding their flaws and providing an attractive environment. You can easily highlight your artwork by placing sconces beside pictures. But, you must keep in view the compatibility between a sconce and a picture before combining them all. In this way, you can maintain a beautiful balance between them. There are different ways of arranging wall sconces as follows:

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture – Centered Wall Sconces

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture - Centered Wall Sconces

In this basic arrangement, you can place a wall sconce at a considerable height on the side of a picture. In this way, you can arrange the wall sconce next to the picture artfully. The best part is this arrangement fits about any wall space. However, the key consideration is to hang a wall sconce approximately 6 feet higher than the floor. Correct readings in this regard can help to achieve the perfect arrangement.

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture – Triplet Wall Sconces

How To Hang Sconces Next To A Picture - Triplet Wall Sconces

In this arrangement, three wall sconces are usually used. For an attractive and pleasing arrangement, two wall sconces are hung on each side of the pictures, and the place of the third one is in the middle of the pictures. And keep the wall sconces a bit high above the center of your pictures. This arrangement can easily enchant its viewers because the most significant purpose of placing a sconce around a picture is to give it a better and more balanced look.

Reading Lights From Wall Sconces

For limited reading lighting at your bedside or couch, sconces are a great solution. Sconces should be aligned with the bottom of photos or pictures when placed in a bedroom or living room. Sconces and pictures are aligned horizontally thereby creating a straight horizontal line.

A more modern, symmetrical arrangement adds light to a dark corner or hallway besides providing functional reading light next to a bed or couch. The light emitted by sconces in a room can be amplified and reflected by a mirror. Ensure that they don’t reflect too much light by placing them in the right place.

Lighting artwork from the top down

Lighting a room with sconces is a great idea. They can be used to highlight pictures or artwork. When installing sconces, be sure to place them at the right height. For a row of pictures, it is best to install them above the center of the picture. For a single large picture, it is best to install the sconce above the center of the picture. Select a sconce with downlighting if you want to maximize its performance. This type of lighting casts light onto the subject below, providing a similar effect to a gallery light.

Things you need to arrange a wall sconces with a picture



Measuring tape

Stud finder

Nail or screw

Hammer or drill

Two pillar candles

How Can We Arrange A Wall Sconce Next To A Picture?

This question usually comes to the mind of all those fond of interior design. They find themselves in hot waters given their incompetency and misunderstanding in arranging a sconce with a picture. Hanging wall sconces with pictures requires a meticulous approach and complete knowledge of how to arrange sconces. Some steps help you understand the positioning of the sconce around the picture.

Step One

Measure the height of a picture before placing the wall sconce. Then, divide this measurement by two to find the center of the picture.

Step Two

To determine the best placement site, measure from the edge of the picture (4-5 inches) to the right and left of the picture. Mark it with a pencil. To avoid a messy appearance, you need to leave a considerable space between the sconce and the picture.

Measure from the top of the scone to the back of the scone in a hanging position. Mark it with a pencil. This is the point of putting nails or screws into the wall.

Step Three

The next step is to measure the length of the sconce base. Divide the value by two. This is useful if you want the picture 2-3 inches longer than the sconce base.

Step Four

Put the sconce aside after evaluating them. Now you need to position the center of the sconce on the mark made on the wall earlier. Now again, mark on the wall where the top of the sconce touches the wall.

Step Five

Now position the distance between the top of the sconce and the hanger. This is the place where you can put your wall sconces.

Step Six

A stud locator will help you to locate the wall studs. If the person can find the mark, he can install a nail and screw. If the case is otherwise and the stud is not available, insertion of a wall anchor will occur into the wall. The wall sconce is ready to be hung next to your beautiful picture

Important Considerations

If you have new electric wall sconces to be placed on the existing wall, a professional electrician will help you fix these sconces. Once you get the electric boxes, you need only perform light fixtures.

The structure of sconces depends upon the stud locater. It can accommodate your wall sconce accordingly.

Always choose the right light according to the size of the picture. It also depends on whether the picture is in landscape or portrait form.

It is advisable to use a picture light half the picture’s width when it comes to portrait pictures. In landscape format, the picture light should be between a third and a half-width of the picture.

Keeping the Colour Rendering Index (CRI) in view is also important. It is a term that defines to which extent an accurate light can interpret our colors. It helps in illuminating your artwork beautifully. Its value should be around 80 if you make a difference in your picture or artwork.

Final Verdict About Wall Sconces

Wall sconces are remarkably crafted lighting fixtures meant to enhance the decorative expression of your home. Many homeowners use pictures and wall art with sconces to bring a calm and soft ambiance to their homes. Given its utility, one cannot deny its distinguished artistry if they are placed perfectly.

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