How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light

How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light

How to keep bugs away from porch light? It no doubt gets on your nerve when you switch on your porch light to have a relaxing time,

How To Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light

but instead, all you find is a swarm of bugs around your porch light.

Why do bugs like light?

Why do bugs like light?

There is a variety of theories and beliefs on why bugs like light. We will discuss some here, so start with:

Bugs usually look for food

You might be wondering how they get food from the lights right? So basically, bugs need ultraviolet in their diet and the light bulbs give off a small amount of ultraviolet light. Usually, it’s the flower that reflects this ultraviolet, but when the bugs are hungry seeing them reflect from the light bulb makes them go to the light.

Bugs try running away from their predators

It is believed that the light signals help them hide from possible dangers. A light makes their path visible to them, so there is no getting caught in an obstacle or by a predator. There is a thought, that bugs might mistake the light bulbs for the moon. So they just stick in and out the light bulb to have a visible view of what lies ahead of them.

In search of a feed

Another belief includes the thought process that bugs know that other bugs are attracted to light too. So, this might help them find a meal on the light. In this case, you can say that they are either looking for a snack or to find their possible mates.

How to keep bugs away from the patio?

How to keep bugs away from the patio?

Most of us like spending the warm weather on our patio, relaxing and reading, or maybe having something nice to eat. During spring there is a huge swarm of flies flying around your patio ruining your entire meal or time. However, we even fear getting bit by many of them or allowing them to make homes in the corners of our patio. But why ruin our mood or time and not enjoy the weather because of these bugs so let’s just find a solution of how to keep the bugs away.

Removing bugs from your patio is a tough task but I agree that having them around is disturbing. So let’s just look at some ways how to keep bugs away from the patio.

Make sure your patio is washed

When we have our meals on the patio there are chances of us spilling something or the crumbs being scattered around your area. The food pieces or liquid attract the bugs. So make sure you clean it the very next minute.

Revive your lighting

Work a little on the lighting you are putting on. Instead of installing the white bulbs, try the ones with yellow light or you can even go for the sodium vapor bulbs. You should be aware of what color lights keep the bugs away. If not, I must tell you that the yellow and orange bulbs are safer than the white ones.

Work on the flora, and grow herbs

You might be wondering that planting attracts bugs so why did we advise this? So basically, some herbs like garlic and rosemary repel bugs. Chive and lemongrass are other options that would keep pests away.

Spraying liquids

No, not all liquids. You can spray the mint-flavored mouthwash that repels bugs. Another option is spraying the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water.

What color lights keep bugs away?

What color lights keep bugs away?

Even though we have discussed some porch lights that don’t attract bugs earlier let’s just briefly list down the colors that keep the bugs away. If you have a white light bulb installed try replacing it. Install a yellow, pink, or orange light. The bulbs with sodium vapor or halogen keep the bugs away. Also, dichroic yellow can be installed because these repel the bugs away too.

If you are thinking about your outdoor area and want to know what outdoor lights do not attract bulbs then just keep in mind one thing. Just remember that the white or blue bulbs reflect ultraviolet and ultraviolet is what the bugs feed on. The best light you can actually use and the light bulb that doesn’t attract bugs is the LED bulb that has a warm light. Warm lights repel the bugs away and keep your outdoor area bug free.  

How to keep spiders off the porch?

You know the porch lights that don’t attract the bulbs because we have discussed how an LED bulb or yellow and orange lights keep the bugs away.

However, you must be aware that spiders love shrubs and potted plants but spiders run away from the mint. What you can do is purchase a spraying bottle and add mint with oil and water to the bottle. Spray it around your porch to avoid bugs from swarming around.

Removing bugs from the porch light

Removing bugs from the porch light

It is quite similar to that removing bugs from your patio but let’s just talk about some more ways in depth. Porch lights are one of the most attractive spots for bugs. Here are some ways you can remove bugs from your porch light.

  • Install a yellow light or an LED bulb.

  • Use bug zapper: so if you are wondering what actually is this, so the bug zappers attract the bugs and control them. The bugs would die under the bug zapper and it produces a smell of the dead bugs which might be a disadvantage if there are a lot of bugs collected.

  • Install a ceiling fan: if there’s a roof area on your porch make sure you get a ceiling fan because switching on the fan really prevents the bugs from collecting. This blows away the bugs and even provides you with a cooling feel during the summertime. Isn’t that wonderful?

  • Use candles: Are you a candle lover? You can just light up a few candles and the bugs would stay away. Now let me give you an idea that works dual. Instead of the normal candles, you can actually use scented ones. Isn’t that amazing? Now, this is how you can keep the bugs away and enjoy the great smell of relaxing on your porch. If you are confused thinking about the scents to choose then let me advise you to use mint or rosemary. Because bugs really hate these. However, let me inform you that candles are a short time solution. So you can just light them up during an event or if you have guests over for a small passage of time. Just remember to be careful because candles can be dangerous and cause a fire.

  • Grow lavender, rosemary, or mint plants.

  • Keep the lights switched off if not necessary: there might be times when the light is on for no reason, so just switch it off. Make sure you aren’t keeping it on unnecessarily.

  • Remove water sources: You might have taps or spilled water somewhere on the porch. Make sure to avoid water being left because water attracts a lot of bugs and then they just swarm around your lights. Some people even put bird bowls which is a nice idea but then the bugs might all gather around your light and that would no doubt create a lot of annoyance for you.

  • Install screens: we usually do install camera screens at home so why not do it on the porch? This will help prevent the bugs from collecting over your porch light.

  • Hang a birdhouse somewhere around your porch: Birds don’t really create a lot of disturbance and they even feed on bugs. So it’s a better idea to actually put up a small birdhouse which will help the bugs stay away.

  • Vinegar and water: Try spraying this solution with vinegar and water which might keep the bugs away.

  •  Cleanliness to be maintained: Make sure you clean the porch, especially the light from time to time so that nothing attracts the bugs.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I keep bugs off my porch light?

You can use a different color instead of a white bulb, spray peppermint or vinegar with water, grow herbs like rosemary or mint, lit candles, and make sure your porch is clean.

Why are bugs attracted to porch lights?

Bugs look for visible paths using porch lights, they get attracted to the ultraviolet reflection or they even find prey on the bulb.

What color porch lights keep bugs away?

Install yellow-tinted bulb lights to keep the bugs away.

Is there a light that does not attract bulbs?

The best option would be CFL. CFL is compact fluorescent light but in yellow color which would repel the bugs away.

Conclusion About Keep Bugs Away From Porch Light

I do agree that porch lights light up your houses but they lead to swarms of bugs around them. Just make sure you keep a check on the solution and start with installing a warm LED bulb or a yellow light. These even look prettier and give a more comforting feel. Try using other solutions like spraying around the porch or growing herbs. I hope it helps you out.

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