How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place – A Step By Step Guide

Placing runner rugs in the doorways or the main entrance lobby of your house may add an oomph factor to the overall look and enhance the décor of your place. Keeping in mind the external beauty factors, there should be a focus on how to make rug stay in place by having a step-by-step guide that can help take common safety measures in making these rugs remain in their respective area.

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place

Approximately 38,000 injury cases register and are treated yearly in the National Institute of Health Emergency Department due to slips from rugs and carpets. So, it is always recommended to take common precautionary measures before installing the rug runners for your household and commercial purposes.

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place

Runner rugs may brighten up the room when placed on the desired spots and floors, but when used for constant passing and walking, they might curl up or get wrinkled, resulting in skids and falls.  Several tips and tricks can be applied to resolve this issue by keeping the rugs intact on the floor.

Popular Solutions To Keep A Runner Rug Stay In Place

1. Adhesives

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Adhesives

There are a lot of bonds available in the market to resolve the common fall issues which result from folded and wrinkled rugs. The most common is using silicone-based caulking or hot glue under the carpet so that it sticks to the ground and stays in place. write advantages and disadvantages of adhesives also

Advantages of Using Adhesives

  • Using adhesives to keep a rug in its place is a long-term solution.
  • Bonds use strong chemicals to hold rug in place, so the rug would not slip that easily.
  • Very easy installation process.

Disadvantages of Using Adhesives

  • As adhesives use strong chemicals, they have a health risk as the chemicals release fumes over time.
  • These adhesives take a relatively long time to install than other methods.
  • Adhesives can cause permanent damage to the floor as the chemicals stick to the floor and cannot be removed easily.

2. Padding The Rugs

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Padding The Rugs

Rug pads are the first step to layer the floor before putting the rug or carpet directly on it. Rug pads are usually natural rubber or PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). This method is one of the most commonly used to keep a runner rug in place.

Advantages Of Rug Pads

  • They are readily available in large retailer stores and also online.
  • Affordable and very easy to use at the same time.
  • Rug pads are soundproof, i.e., no clear sound is created while walking or running on the floor.
  • They provide a soft and comfortable feeling while walking on them.
  • Cleaning and vacuuming them is super easy.
  • Being rough and tough, there is a rare chance of scratches and other stain issues.
  • The quality is very good, and they grip the rug tightly without damaging its fibers.
  • They are thin and available precut, i.e., usually available in the common standard sizes of the rugs and carpets.

Disadvantages Of Rug Pads

  • The plastic used in the rug pads is usually very cheap, containing chemicals and oils that destroy the floors and furnishings.
  • The wear and tear on these rug pads are very quick as they lose their grip after some time.

3. Rug Tapes

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Rug Tapes

Another very common adhesive is rug tape. The tapes come in a roll and are easily applied directly on the floor, and from the other side, they stick to the edges of the carpets or rugs, very conveniently joining them together, resulting in keeping the runner rugs stay in place.

Advantages Of Rug Tapes

  • The tapes are the best fit for smaller-sized rugs, as the average size of these tapes is around 2-3 inches in width, so they go perfectly with four by 6 feet size of rugs.
  • Easy to remove/change from the floor without damaging it, as per the user’s convenience.
  • Almost all of these tapes are reusable as they come off easily and quickly. Some of them are washable as well.
  • At an affordable price, the quantity of these tapes is good enough to be used for more than one rug.
  • It offers smooth cleaning and vacuuming.

Disadvantages Of Rug Tapes

  • Because of their thinness, the rug tapes don’t offer a cozy feeling under the rugs.
  • The tapes don’t last longer on hard floors or on floors that are uneven and concrete.

4. Velcro Hooks

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Velcro Hooks

A brand called Velcro offers a great product that plays the role of an adhesive anchor or a hook. These velcro hooks help in stopping the folding and curling of small-sized rugs. Velcro hooks help stick the floor with the rug by acting as an in-between sticking agent, which results in a smooth connection between the floor and the rug.

Advantages Of Velcro Hooks

  • The application and removal process is smooth.
  • The quantity is good enough for a one-time purchase.
  • There is a clear adhesive coating on both sides, sticking and connecting the floor and the rug instantly.
  • They are waterproof.

Disadvantages Of Velcro Hooks

  • They are not made for large-sized rugs.
  • With constant use, these hooks have a great tendency to pick dust particles and fur from the rugs, resulting in the clips’ breakage.
  • Regular usage of these hooks can make the loops elongated or broken.
  • The hooks can also get attached to some piece of clothing which can end up tearing or damaging that cloth when one tries to untie it.
  • Another disadvantage is that it’s not temperature controlled, i.e., its durability gets affected by the temperature change very easily. Extreme heat can melt the hooks in no time.

5. Silicone Caulking/ Hot Glue

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Silicone Caulking/ Hot Glue

Silicone caulking is also known as hot glue. They come in squeezable tubes. You can apply this adhesive with the help of a glue gun. This hot glue is advised to apply to the corners of the rugs, and then the bond should be immediately flattened with some sharp, flat object to avoid any solid bumps of glue underneath the rug.

Advantages Of Silicone Caulking/ Hot Glue

  • They act like little dots, creating friction to avoid any kind of slipping on the floor.
  • Easy installation process.
  • Long-term application.
  • Very durable and doesn’t get easily affected by any wear and tear.

Disadvantages Of Silicone Caulking/ Hot Glue

  • The glue needs 24 hours to dry. So, it cannot be used instantly.
  • It usually leaves a sticky residue on the floors.
  • There is a big chance of the glue running and pulling out the rug’s fibers.
  • It is not durable and offers a short-term solution only. That’s why it’s not feasible to be used for household purposes.

6. Using Felt Pads

How To Make A Runner Rug Stay In Place - Using Felt Pads

This is an option of adhesive, which is on the expensive little side. Made with natural rubber and variety in thickness, these pads are comfortable, durable, and chemical-free. These pads increase the rug’s life span and help solve the problem in question.

Advantages of Felt Pads

  • These adhesives are great for high-end rugs.
  • They don’t damage the fibers of the rugs.
  • These pads are chemical-free, so they don’t do any harm to the floors at all.
  • Made with natural rubber, felt pads give an amazing feature of dealing with and maintaining the heat temperature of the floor.
  • They offer exceptional cushioning for walking on the hard floors.

Disadvantages Of Felt Pads

  • The felt pads don’t offer protection against skids and slipping until and unless they are applied on large-sized carpets only.
  • They are quite expensive and are mostly used by high-end customers.

Conclusion About Runner Rug

With so many options available, how to make a runner rug stay in place? You can easily pick and choose any of the solutions mentioned above to avoid falls and injuries and enjoy the comfort and looks of rugs to the maximum. Using any of these methods will help keep the runner rug in place and enhance its beauty, maximizing its utility.

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