How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights – Best Ideas

Good lighting is the critical component when it comes to doing good makeup. Transform your mirror into perfection with lights and achieve that glamorous look! So what are you waiting on?

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

Our guide provides the best tips for making your vanity with mirror and lights. Continue reading as we embark you on a meaningful journey towards your transition into a fashionista.

How to Make Vanity Mirror with Lights

You need to follow a couple of steps to create the perfect lighting to conduct the ideal makeup applications. First, you need to determine the space for your vanity mirror; then, all you need is to follow the simple instructions to make your dressing mirror with lights.

Get Supplies

1- Buy Yourself A Mirror

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

Imagine the mirror setup that you are aiming for in your room. Next, choose a mirror that best supports your mental picture of the design. Analyze the location of the mirror and measure that space.

Look for a mirror according to your affordability and the width and length of your chosen location. Furthermore, it would help if you were looking for a mirror with a wide border for you to attach the lights. You can purchase the mirror from any furniture, goods, or thrift store.

2- Get A Hold Of The Lights Setup

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

Most of the elements required for this step are already in your house. Don’t we all have scissors and cords lying around the house? All you have to buy are the light bulbs and the vanity lights, which are attainable from any hardware store or online.

You will have the option to choose from a variety of radiant lights. It is recommended to purchase LED lights or soft white bulbs with a flexible range of 2700K-3000K (Kelvin- the temperature scale to measure the color of a light bulb)

They will give you the maximum vibrancy and high functionality in your makeup vanity with mirror and lights.

Setting The Material For The Official Layout

1- Opening The Light Bar Cartons

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the light boxes, take 2-3 out of their boxes and gently remove their caps. The caps are essential; hence, do not throw them away as you will still have to insert them back on after adjusting.

2- Attaching The Light Bars To The Source

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

Figure out the permanent location for the light bulbs. Take your time and brainstorm different ideas for this to work out. You don’t want to have second thoughts after drilling holes in your mirror’s frame. After concluding the final spots, place the light bulbs against the frame. Mark the place with a pen or a marker, and let the drilling process begin!

Use a screwdriver to drill holes to fit the bulbs in the mirror. The holes for the screws depend on the type of light bulbs you got. You will probably not have to purchase the screws separately as they usually come along with the purchase of the vanity bulbs.

3- Attaching The Cord To The Electricity Source

How To Make Vanity Mirror With Lights

We have arrived at the step where the scissors will come in handy. Grab the scissors and cut the far end of the extension cord. Be careful when scissors and complete the same step for the other light bulb.

Mane a small incursion between the cords, and you must do it carefully since the wires are fragile.

After that, grab both wires and stretch them apart. Continue doing this until you’ve reached about 5cm. The copper wires would be visible to you. Gently slide the plastic covering off them and ensure not to scrape off the copper wire.

Hanging Your Vanity Mirror with Light

1- Binding The Cord With The Light

It’s time to connect the elements to accomplish the flow of electric supply from the wire to the bulb. When you have the bulb, you will see a copper cord. It would be similar to the wires you cut. This part is a bit tricky, but the essence of this step lies in simple understanding.

Take the smoother end and twist it with the white-colored wire; similarly, take the rough end and turn it with the black-colored wire. The twisting process is even more straightforward; all you have to do is twist the wires over each other in a repeated cycle.

2- Fastening The Cord Nuts

Your lights would come along with some plastic nuts. Put these nuts firmly on the copper wires and turn them around until it’s fixated in one place. You need to ensure all the ends of the copper wires are under the coverings of plastic nuts. They serve the purpose of securing the exposed wires and limiting any chances of electrical hazards.

3- Putting On The Bulb Cover

Once you have firmly secured all the wires into the nuts, place them on the mirror’s borders and put the covers back on. Prevent any chances of the wires touching each other when placing the light bar. It will save you from any unfavorable situation.

4- Set The Mirror On The Wall

Now you need to hang the mirror on the wall. You could turn the mirror by drilling a hole in the wall and hooking it in or purchasing a mirror with hooks on the back. Test that the mirror is legitimately placed against the wall and use robust hardware to limit any chances of the mirror lights falling.

Conclusion on Making Vanity Mirror with Lights

Turning an ordinary mirror into a diy vanity mirror sounds like a tricky task, but after going through our guide, it would look like a piece of cake! So what are you waiting on? Get that glam look and feel like a celebrity whenever you sit against your magical makeup vanity lights with a mirror to get ready.

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