How To Measure For A Replacement Lampshade

How To Measure For A Replacement Lampshade – Types And Tips

We understand how you may let the thought of replacing your lamp shade go just because it seems like a hectic task. Even though it is not, to some, it may appear otherwise. Whatever your reason, you may not contemplate it for long because lamp shades are one item of furniture that, when changed, can give your entire living space a new look.

How To Measure For A Replacement Lampshade

Lamp shades have always been trendy, and their trend keeps evolving by the minute. You should keep up with it because who in this drastically transforming world would not keep pace? So, remember to go through this entire article as we will answer you on how to measure for a replacement lampshade with some really brief yet informative insight into your lamp shade.

How To Measure For A Replacement Lampshade

This quick guide will enlighten you with the fastest and easiest method to measure for lampshade replacement. If you are satisfied with the size and shape of the lampshade, you plan to replace it. It makes it even more convenient for you as you just have to take the lamp shade measurements for your current lamp shade.

To proceed with lamp shade measuring, you only need four measurements, and they are as follows: measure the top diameter, bottom diameter, vertical slant, and vertical height. You might also want to look at the fitting of your lamp, which will be either of the one: spider, uno, or clip fitting.

After you take your measurements and have successfully identified the fitting of your lamp, you may rush to the market and replace your old lamp shade with a brand new one as soon as possible!

Types Of Lampshades

A lampshade not only serves the purpose of shielding the light emitted from your lamp bulb but also plays a vital role in signifying your personal space. You can always switch an old lampshade out if it fails to compliment your reorganized and new decor or is just too bland for your taste. By giving you a wide range of lampshades, we will be helping you in choosing the best lampshade for your bedroom.

Empire Lampshade

Empire Lampshade

This lampshade style constitutes one of the classics and the evergreen in trend lampshade. You must have seen it around a lot while growing up, as it can be easily identified. An empire lampshade has a straight but gentle slope starting from the top of the lampshade to its bottom. Basically, it is shaped like a cone!

Tall Tapered Lamp Shade

Tall Tapered Lamp Shade

As the name implies, these lampshades are tall and have a top ring far smaller than the ring located at the bottom of the lampshade. Within this type of lampshade, you will find a variety, and difficulty will arise when you would have to finalize your favorite piece. This is because tall tapered lamp shades come in different diameters ranging from 25cm to 50cm while observing a standard height in all diameters.

We recommend you choose the diameter that would not only perfectly fit your lamp but also go along with other pieces of furniture in your room.

Drum Lamp Shade

Drum Lamp Shade

Drum lamp shades are renowned for their versatility and exclusive design that is compatible to fit any size of the lamp. Unlike their other types, these drum lampshades have the same diameter ring both at the top and bottom and only gain a slight resemblance with a cone-shaped lampshade.

Even though they went out of trend in the last decade, they have made a huge comeback and are among the market’s most sold types of lampshade. Hence, now you know which lamp shade to specifically look for to give your house a modern and trendy look!

Square Lamp Shade

Square Lamp Shade

If you want a non-round dimensional lamp shade, then a square lamp shade is your only resort. A square lampshade can have all four sides of the same length, or it can vary with two sides being of one size and the other two of another. However, regardless of the length of the sides, the overall look of these lampshades will be just like a square.

An advantage of choosing a square lampshade for your lamp is that they can fit well in a limited space, and, unlike all the other types of lamp shades, they can easily lay flat against the wall.

Useful Tips For Choosing A Lamp Shade

One can never go wrong with choosing a lampshade because there is no set of particular rules you must abide by. However, there are some tips that we would want to share with you so you can choose a lamp shade that is not only ideal for your lamp but also meets the demands that you have.

Firstly, whenever considering a lampshade, always choose a design that goes with the interior of your living space. Do not go with a lampshade that would look odd or out of the place when situated over your lamp. To do this, keep in mind: that the more light you want to pass through the lampshade, the more transparent and more extensive it should be.

Secondly, if the led bulb in your lamp has a higher wattage, go through with a larger shade. Meaning that the lampshade must be oversized because you would want the heat transmitted from your bulb to circulate and not directly damage the material of your lampshade.

Thirdly, choose a lampshade that would eventually end up covering all the hardware of your lamp. The lamp’s hardware includes the fitting, where the bulb is placed, and some of the lamp’s body. This would give your lamp a complete look and not show the lamp’s hardware at eye level, as it can look pretty unappealing.

Lastly, go with your gut! Let us reiterate that there is no right and wrong with choosing a lampshade so go with the one you like and do not hesitate because people around you may lie, but your gut would never lead you astray.


How Do You Determine The Size Of A Lamp Shade?

To always be on the safe side, take measurements and it will assist you in determining the size of your lamp shade.

Do All Lamp Shades Fit All Lamps?

No, not all lamp shades fit all lamps because every lamp has an exclusive design and would not compliment every shape of the lamp shade.

What Are The 3 Types Of Lamp Shades?

They are drum, square, and empire-shaped lamp shades.

What Are The Different Fittings For Lamp Shades?

Uno, spider, and clip-on are the different lamp shade fittings for lamp shades.

Conclusion About Replacement Lampshade

Now that we have provided you with the most convenient way of “how to measure for a replacement lamp shade,” you shall not delay the process of upgrading your lamp shade.

So, as soon as you finish reading our article, find a measuring tape take the measurements of your lamp shade, and rush to the nearest furniture shop to replace it because it is never too late!

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