How To PairKitchen And Dining Light

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light – Helpful Tips

Kitchen and dining room lights illuminate our everyday tasks. It adds a more look to a room’s interior. If we look into the interior, kitchens and dining rooms are most likely together or right next to each other so it is important for the lights to complement both areas.

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

This task of the pairing dining room and kitchen lights might appear a piece of cake but trust me once you enter the phase of choosing the light, you’d be confused about how high should a light be above the kitchen table and what would be the best color combination. You must know that what you are looking for is choosing the contrasts. A lot of people spend hours pondering over dining table lighting ideas so let’s make it easy for you.

There are certain things one needs to consider:

1. The surface area

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light


To start with, the kitchen’s most important place is the kitchen island. This actually is the place that gives you the right space for food preparation, serving your food, and entertaining your guests by presenting a wholesome buffet for them. However, the one confusion in this area you face is regarding the lighting. You have to go for something that compliments your area and gives it a stylish look. So would you not want vibrant kitchen island lighting?

One of the ideas can be setting up a pendant kitchen light fixture that illuminates the light and sets up your dining room with lighting that uplifts your mood. It is advised to set them up as a trio. Use bulbs that can are dimmable and are around 30 to 36 inches above the kitchen island. In addition to this, you must also make sure that the light placement doesn’t block your view or hit your head. Did it not give you some kitchen island pendant lighting ideas?

Lastly, do not forget the right style. Pairing your lights in the kitchen and dining room does not refer to having lights of the same shape but lights with the same color or material is a nice idea.

To make sure it’s a perfect addition you can put a pendant in the kitchen and a chandelier in the dining room which definitely lightens up your house styling.

2. Finishing

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

Are you somebody who likes light that gives your room a sharper look? Now choose a light that has the same finishing. Here we will discuss some kinds of finishes for you that you can use in your kitchen and dining room:

  • Bronze: This specific color adds comfort and charm to your style. You’d love such a room, right?
  • Silver: Silver has different kinds to it such as champagne silver, antique silver, vintage silver, and silver leaf. These add more style to your kitchen and dining room.
  • Gold: Gold has to be the richest of all. It gives quite a glamorous flavor to your kitchen.

3. Styling

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

You even need to concentrate on the styling of your kitchen and dining room lighting. Take a look at the color theme, is it vibrant and all bright and colorful, or is it really dark and dull? There are chances that both the rooms have exactly opposite color themes so in this case, you have to concentrate on the coordinating light fixtures. The dining light fixtures must match the room.

Now if you’re going for a modest and contemporary kitchen and dining room you should choose the best smooth ceiling light fixtures. However, if you have a kitchen that’s more traditional then choosing an old-style chandelier will be your right choice. The color makes your kitchen more adaptable. Hence, lighting has an important impact on your house.

Different lighting in both rooms

Just remember to make sure that the lighting you chose is not exactly the same in both of your rooms. This will make your rooms look less attractive and it can also reduce the aesthetic value of your home. If you want, you can use fixtures that have different designs but they should be able to pair well with each other.

Crystal chandeliers

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

Do you want recessed lighting in the dining room? You can go for crystal chandeliers, which are traditional and modish. Won’t homes with rich and conventional looks catch your eye? Another thing that such chandeliers do is that the crystals radiate through the light coming from the bulbs. This enhances the brightness of a room.

Some people might argue that the crystal dining room chandeliers are old-fashioned and conventional. They just make your homes look like old age homes but in reality, these crystals give your home a more furnished and rich look. However, you must know that if you are choosing to go for crystal chandeliers you must ensure that your ceiling is high because these chandeliers hang quite low but these are the best lights for the dining area. These lights hitting people’s heads or hurting anybody while enhancing your dining room lighting won’t be a nice idea right?

Here you can find the latest deal on Crystal Chandeliers.

Pendant Lighting

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

Moreover, another option that you can choose for pairing is the addition of pendant lighting. The best thing about these is that you don’t really have to worry about the style of your house when installing these. If your house is modern or if your house has a traditional touch-up, these dining or kitchen pendant lighting will be a great add-on. Also, you are not the size or shape restricted when getting these because you have a range to choose from. However, the one drawback that might appear is the low-hanging feature so you must make sure that your roofs are slightly higher. Did it help you decide on your dining room pendant light already?

Close-to-ceiling lighting

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

Now you might be wondering what to do if I have a ceiling that is quite low. You must not worry because I have a solution for you too. These are small light fixtures that prevent any kind of banging your head with them. There is no risk of injury in such situations. Also, you can easily fit these in any kind of room.

These lights appear in many different styles. Even if you want something simple or something extravagant, these kinds of lights are the best. Just make sure you do your proper research and look for the best choice for your room.

Hence, you must know these lights can quite easily match any sort of interior in your kitchen and dining room.

Wall lights

How To Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

These specific kinds of lights are very common. However, many people pair these lights with ceiling lights. Won’t you want something that will decorate your room and give the room a brighter look? Then let me assure you that this type is a great choice for you.

Choose a proper area as your focus area

Usually, when chandeliers are put in dining rooms, the best place is right above the table. But first, you must think about how big should a chandelier be over a table. Considering that you must have two areas to think about, one being the kitchen and the other being the dining room so you can see the primary places for both rooms.

Make Sure The Lighting Does Not Match Completely:

When pairing your kitchen and dining light, it is important to make sure that the two do not match completely. Instead, try to find a common design element between the two fixtures and use that as your starting point. For example, if both your kitchen and dining room have a rustic feel, look for lighting fixtures with a similar rustic design. When you grow tired of looking at the same old light fixtures every day, it may be time to upgrade your home’s lighting. Updating light fixtures is an easy and affordable way to update the look of your home without completely redecorating.

Separate kitchen and dining room should not be stressed on

Many people have totally different dining and kitchens which means that both the rooms aren’t interconnected so it’s completely alright. Just try sticking to a similar style so that it gives your house a more organized look. All you have to do is give both rooms a more complimenting personality. Hence, focus on light fixtures for the kitchen.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do kitchen and dining lights need to match?

We have to know that the kitchen lights and dining lights should not necessarily have the same shape but similar color and material is a  nice idea.

Can you put pendant lights over the dining table?

If you want to put a pendant in your dining room then you must add two large or three small pendants if you have a dining table with 6 seats. If you have a rectangular-shaped dining table then you must hang the purchased pendants at the same height and in a line along the table. This will help you choose unique dining room table lights. This will even provide you with small dining room lighting ideas.

What color light is best for the dining room?

The most preferable color of light in the dining room is soft white. It’s a neutral color that gives your room warmth and comfort. It even adds an inviting touch to the dining table light.

What color should kitchen lights be?

The most common light for a kitchen is a warm white light bulb. These bulbs usually give the room a yellowish-white look which is the best kitchen lamp.

Are LED lights bright enough for a kitchen?

The recommended LED in a kitchen is around 100 to 1800 Lumens. These keep the light in the room brighter and warmer.

Final Words on how to Pair Kitchen And Dining Light

To sum it up, I really get the point that choosing lights for the kitchen and dining room is a tough call but you must not stress about it. It basically is your own choice and likes. Just remember to keep in mind whether you are going for a modern or conventional house, in both cases what matters is how you pair up your choices.

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