How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk – Easy Guide

Rugs play an important part in decorating your home and office. The addition of rugs to the office increases its beauty. Knowing how to place a rug under the desk is difficult. It’s a huge product, so ordering it, planning where it will go, and getting it home require more planning. Its placement is different for different desk types.

Don’t worry about it! If you don’t know how to place the rug under the desk, follow our detailed guide. So without any delay, let’s move forward with the steps and selection process.

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

For your office, rugs are a complementary thing that will make them more attractive. To correctly place your rug under desk, you only need to know the types of rugs that will suit your office, the placement area, and some other things. One of the other things is that you should know what style you want to give to your office, either modern or traditional. In addition, we are providing you with a detailed solution to make your office as elegant as you want.

An Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Office Rug

When determining where to place your home office area rug, consider which areas of the space are their different destinations and emphasize these distinctions with rug placement. Consider highlighting that other region of the room with its runner, for example, if you frequently drink coffee at a table apart from your desk.

Select a Rug that is the Right Size for the Desk and Chair

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

It’s crucial to strike the correct balance. To do this, place the rug entirely underneath the chair, even when pulled out, and under at least the front two legs of the desk. This makes a warm and cozy workspace and stops chairs from dragging along the rug’s edges, which is annoying and could harm the rug’s binding. To ensure that your office rug stays in place while the chair is being dragged over it, add a non-slip underlay underneath it.

Decide Between a Hand-Knotted and Hand-Tufted Rug

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

You should choose a more durable type than hand-loomed or machine-made carpets because they can withstand heavier foot traffic and repeat chair movement better. The most durable carpets are woven by hand, especially those made of wool, which hardly ever shows symptoms of wear even after years of continuous usage. A hand-tufted rug may be a nice substitute if you are on a restricted budget.

Pick a Low Pile Rug

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

Low pile rugs make it easier for office chairs with wheels to move about and accommodate large office furniture and equipment. Choose a hand-knotted rug with a pile height of 6mm or less instead of heavy, fuzzy designs like Berber Rugs. Low-pile or no-pile rugs are also considerably simpler to maintain clean; a quick vacuum once or twice a week is required to keep them in good shape.

Choose an Office Rug that Matches Your Style

Fabrics, it’s crucial to choose materials, colors, and patterns to highlight your best functioning self. Area rugs provide the necessary atmosphere and comfort for concentration at work. Boldly patterned rugs might give some people a boost of energy, while others want the gentler decor to concentrate on their current activities. The mood for serious business discussions will be created using simple neutrals or dark or muted colors to give the space a more formal appearance.

Functional Rugs for a Productive Office

  • This necessity of your home office should be reflected in any décor you undertake. A rug should enhance your choice of style and decor in an office. Rugs for office undoubtedly fit this description.
  • The center of your office and your work is frequently your desk. Your rug must allow for furniture, such as a rolling chair, to be moved easily on top of it.

Rules of How to Place a Rug Under the Desk

Your desk is typically the center point of your home office, so it is an excellent area to anchor with a rug.

1.   For a Private Office

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

The usual rule of thumb is that your area rug in a home or office should be one or two feet shorter than the room’s most temporary wall. This will offer your workspace a uniform aesthetic and serve a functional purpose because you don’t want your chair to catch on the rug’s edge as you move around the room. Above all, make sure the area rug is sizable enough to accommodate your full desk and task chair.

2.   Area of the Waiting Room

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

Consider the size carefully if you’re adding a rug to the main seating area of your waiting room. Like in a living room at home, the rug should reach beyond the coffee table and cover all the legs of your sofas and chairs, or at least the first set of legs. It will not look proportionate to the rest of the space if you choose a rug that is either too little or too large. Leave around 5 to 20 inches of bare ground between the rug and the wall.

3.   Make no Mistake

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

Medium rugs can be the secret weapon to making your house sparkle, whether you’re limited to a room or simply want a cozier atmosphere. In actuality, it’s obvious why 8′ by 10′ carpets are the most popular rug size:

4.   Center the Rug Under Your Couch

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

While there is no right or wrong way to arrange a rug in your living room, Gorsline believes placing your couch in the middle of the rug is usually a good idea. The mat serves as the room’s focal point, so if it is off-center, everything else in the space will likely appear slightly off. However, it depends on the sofa’s design and the space size.

5.   Good Rule of Thumb

How To Place A Rug Under The Desk

A good rule of thumb is to utilize it as a small dining area and ensure that the rug you choose adequately supports your desk chair and work table. Place your desk in the middle of the floor and leave enough room around it so that your chair will remain on the rug when it is pulled out. Carpet for home office should typically measure between 4′ x 6′ and 5′ x 8′.

For instance, if you have a home office or other area designated for business, a rug placed thoughtfully can help distinguish it. You’ll need a rug that fits your desk area snuggly.

Types of Desks and their Ideal Rug Sizes

By knowing the types of desks, you can select the best rug for office.

Wall Desk/Writing Desk Rug Size

  • A 4′ by 6′ rug works well for a wall desk. It’s positioned under the chair rather than directly underneath the desk.
  • 5′ x 8′ is the appropriate rug size for a writing desk in the center of the room because it gives the entire design a majestic appearance.

Wall Mount Desk Rug Size

  • A 4′ by 6′ rug works well for a wall-mounted workstation. Instead of using the entire carpet, it looks best when placed underneath the chair.

Computer Desk Rug Size

It measures 4′ x 1′-8″ and would look best with a 5′ x 8′ or 6′ x 9′ rug. Smaller offices should use the former, whereas larger ones should use the latter.

Executive Desk (6’ X 3’ X 1’3”) Rug Size

  • Depending on the size of your room, an 8′ by 10′ or larger rug would be ideal for an executive desk.

Floating Desk Rug Size

This desk would look best with a 3’x5′ rectangular rug, a 4′ round rug, or a 4′ square rug.

Rugs to Avoid

Sheepskin –Rolling office chairs don’t go well with thick sheepskin carpets, despite how cozy and pleasant they are. Avoid these, and choose a thin, patterned rug in its place.

Tufted – A raised woven design on a tufted rug will make you very unhappy. Choose a flat weave rug to get around the obstacle of the office chair.

Final Thoughts

Rugs are versatile pieces of furniture that can easily transform a space while adding style. All the above factors will make your desk area feel like a unique and well-organized workstation. The details of the types of rugs, types of desks, and the rugs to avoid will surely help you know how to place a rug under the desk. Using these suggestions, you may create your own distinctive, personalized area at your home office where the comfort of your home enables you to work more efficiently while enjoying yourself.

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