How To Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet

How To Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet – Simple Solutions

How To Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet? If your carpet looks like it is curling from the corner or edges, you may need to either stop it or repair it. Else, it can not only prove to be unsightly but also hazardous. Curled corners pose a tripping risk, and no one wants to deal with it. This curled corner can be borne out of a new or an old carpet.

How To Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet

The reason your carpet may curl under your rug can depend on many factors, such as the materials used in its composition, the traffic it is exposed to daily, and the sort of ent it has been laid in.

Composition Of Your Carpet

How To Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet - Composition of your carpet

Natural fiber rugs are more prone to curling than a rug weaved out of synthetic fiber. Therefore, they are more likely to shrink, resulting in a curled corner. For example, suppose you spill a liquid on the corner of a rug made of natural fiber. In that case, the drying process can cause these fibers to contract due to being less flexible compared to synthetically composed fiber carpets.

Placing A Rug On Top Of The Carpet

Placing a rug on top of the carpet

One of the reasons a carpet may curl under a rug is placing a rug on top of the carpet. , As the carpet is not to a proper foundation area under the rug, when you step on it repeatedly, the carpet fiber under compresses and makes the rug move, slip, and deforms, causing the carpet beneath it to bend, thus curling the edges and possing to be a significant health danger. Irrespective of how good a rug looks over the carpet, it does not come without bearing a cost.

External Environment

External environment

Moreover, the carpet under the rug sometimes also curls up due to the growing humidity and dwindling temperature, affecting the yarn. Hence, the risk of contracted wefts due to a change in temperature causes the carpet ends or corners to curl up.

How To Stop Rug Curling On Your Carpet

Let’s discuss a few techniques to stop rug from curling on your carpet.


Suppose the identified cause of your carpet curling under your rug is humidity, voila! You might not need to put in a lot of effort with it apart from just investing a few dollars in purchasing a dehumidifier and placing it in the room with the problem. The dehumidifier will work as a problem solver by extracting the excess moisture in your space, resulting in the curled edges unfolding on their own once their fibers are relaxed.


Have you just installed a new carpet within your household and then placed the rug over it? Then the rug is not the problem. The curls on your carpet are emerging naturally, and this is because before you purchase the carpet, it was stored in a warehouse, rolled. Therefore, the issues arise when you lay them down, and the most convenient and immediate way to fix them is through the help of steam.

Use a steam cleaner to gently moisten the ends of your carpet or its curled edges, and then run a steam cleaner over it gently. This will cause the fibers to loosen, relax and stay flat. If you don’t own a steam cleaner, this problem can also be remedied by using your usual iron and ironing your rug just like you would iron your old, wrinkled t-shirt, recently discovered out of a messy closet!


When your rug is on the carpet, you can avoid your carpet from curling by making use of tape. You may not use any video, but we advise users to use a highly adhering two-sided masking tape that will stick to the floor and your carpet for good. To use this tip, roll up a significant amount of video into a smooth ball and then attach each of the tape balls under the curled-up rug corners.

This taping method is promising as it works wonders, especially when the flooring beneath your carpet is of marble or wood. However, when removing the tape later, you may need to be extra cautious because if you try and rip the video off, it will also bring forward some of that expensive carpet fiber.

Put Weight On The Curled Edges

Putting weight on the curled-up edges will facilitate you in getting rid of them. , However, if your carpet is old and its curled edges are stubborn, you can rearrange the furniture around your room so that its weight descends upon the edges, thus straightening your carpet. As a result, you will have a straightened carpet under your rug and a newly refurbished room, appealing enough to your sight! If you want to temporarily prevent your carpet from curling under your mat, you can top the curled edges off with your favorite four to six heavy novels for a day or two and let it work its magic.

Conclusion About Stop Rug Curling On A Carpet

Well, now you never have to worry about tripping over from a curled edge ever again and tick the box off “my carpet curling under the rug” off your worry list. This is because our article on how rugs keep curling on a carpet provides a detailed examination of the causes and liable remedies. These remedies have proved to work both efficiently and effectively. If any one of the solutions does not cater to you, then you can freely move on to the other, and rest assured, it will work.

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