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How To Update Chandelier – A Detailed Guide

How To Update Chandelier? Lighting fixtures are an artful means to add a face-lift to your home or workplace apart from illuminating the area. These are usually electrical-powered devices in the present era. When we talk about downlights or ceiling light fixtures like chandeliers, we call them recessed can light; they are mounted directly from the ceiling and have some shade to shield the bulb. Chandeliers are the most commonly known ceiling light fixture. They are decorative light fixtures that descend from the top to add character to your place. Chandeliers are never out of style and always make your space trendy and fancy looking.

How To Update Chandelier

How To Update a Chandelier: Best Tips and Tricks

Sometimes you want to update a chandelier to give it a new and refreshing look. Interior designers consider all home improvement accessories as clothes. They claim that chandeliers can also fall in and out of fashion over time. To create a new and exciting look with the recessed can lights, you can use several mechanisms to update them.

There are many ways to upgrade your chandeliers; some are less tiring and lower cost than others. This article briefly lists a few methods to help you update your chandeliers and create a new look for your house.

Use A Spray Paint

 Use a Spray Paint

You can change the color of any chandelier easily and quickly, that is, with the help of a handy can of spray paint. Spray paint is highly recommended to change the look of a light fixture and is entirely safe. It is cheap, and you can find countless color options for spray paint cans.

When we use paint and brush to change the color of a lighting fixture, the result might not always be polished and high-end looking. At the same time, using spray paint results in a smooth and high-quality finish. Remember to sand the light fixture using the correct coarse sandpaper and touch it with a primer before applying the spray paint.

Add Decorative Candle Sleeves

 Add Decorative Candle Sleeves

In vintage times, when there was no electricity, candles lit up light fixtures like candles. While updating an existing chandelier you can add candle sleeves to your chandelier. There are pre-made chandeliers in the home improvement aisle. If you do not like the ones available in the market, there is always an option to make them on your own.

A decorative candle sleeve must be of high-quality material to give a beautiful look to your chandelier. It is undoubtedly inexpensive to freshen up an otherwise old light fixture. To customize the appearance, you can add colors or textures to your candle sleeve.

Add Hanging Crystals

 Add Hanging Crystals

Everyone loves some bling and sparkle in their life. Adding embellishments to your chandelier is an effective way to spice things up. An uninteresting chandelier will not only look plain and boring. If you add hanging crystals or translucent beads to any light fixture, the light will shine through them and create a new sparkling look.

There are numerous video tutorials for chandelier makeovers available on the internet. You can arrange for the materials you need to add hanging crystals to your chandelier from your local supermarket or order online from Amazon. The process is simple and easy, and the crystals let you glamorize an old chandelier without much effort.

Mount A Medallion

 Mount a MedallionMount a Medallion

Interior designers and home decorators use medallions to accentuate the focal point towards the center of the room. Home decor experts believe it is a unique method to change the overall look. A medallion creates a focal point and brings your chandelier center of attention.

After you have installed a medallion, you will notice an air of grandeur in your room. Installing a medallion to an existing light fixture is an easy task. Take off the light fixture before installing a ceiling medallion, and you are good to go. Take lengthy enough screws to mount the new acentric feature and put the chandelier back in its place.

Make sure you pick a medallion of the correct size and proportionate to your room.

Vintage Touch

Vintage Touch

If you like to add a vintage touch to your room, you can update your existing chandelier to a vintage style. Vintage chandeliers have timeless and classic beauty. You can paint your chandeliers to give them a vintage look. Choose colors like cream, brass, or gold and achieve that classic look. Retro-design lighting fixtures are trendy and give your room a beautifully changed look. With a little effort, you can make the chandelier in your grandma’s dining room a chic piece at your place.

Decorate The Chain

Decorate the Chain

Attempt decorating the ceiling lights by creating a new look for the hardware. Most ceiling light fixtures of chandeliers have chains attached to them. You can add a new and changed look to it by upgrading its chains. You can change the appearance of these chains by painting them or applying decoupage. Create a faux metallic look like that of brushed nickel, gilded gold, or silver leaf. You can do this on the ceiling medallion or any chandelier part. You can weave silk ribbons, faux greenery garlands, or silk flowers through the hanging chain. Doing this will add a beautiful yet dreamy look to your chandelier.

Conclusion About how to Update Chandelier

If you have not put aside a big budget to install a shiny new chandelier in your kitchen or dining area at your home, don’t worry. There are simple and quick steps you can follow and update your chandelier to help you modernize your lighting with ease. You can update old chandeliers from the local thrift store or the one currently hung in the foyer. You can easily update a chandelier with a few changes here and there and little investment at hand. This way, you can save lots of money and use updated light fixtures anywhere in your home.

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