What Are The Best Outdoor Rugs For Composite Decks

What Are The Best Outdoor Rugs For Composite Decks

Everyone adores the opulence of a room with a vivid and expansive rug. Exteriors, such as decks, are no exception. An outdoor rug may be the difference between a warm and pleasant hideaway and a frigid and uninviting area. But what are the best outdoor rugs for composite decks?

If you have a composite deck in your area, you may be thinking if you should put an outdoor rug over it. While composite decking is well-known for its durability, not every outdoor rug is appropriate for your composite deck space. As a result, we’ve put together this guide to assist you in selecting the best outdoor rugs for wood decks.

What Are The Best Outdoor Rugs For Composite Decks

The appropriate rug on a composite deck, like a tablecloth, elevates an average table. The correct rug improves your outdoor space’s pleasure while complimenting rather than hurting the decking.

Polypropylene carpet is the greatest outdoor carpeting for a composite deck since it will not fade in the sun, absorb water, or harm the decking. A rug should be large enough to define the space, which is usually 5’x8′ for a small deck area and 9’x12′ for a larger outside eating or lounging area. A deck rug, ideally, will provide color to the deck while also boosting comfort.

That’s a lot to unpack in order to get the ideal rug for the wood deck. However, you will have a nicer outdoor environment if you understand why you ordered the deck rug you did. Here are our best recommendations for the best outdoor carpet for decks if you’re in a hurry.

Why Should You Use Outdoor Rugs For Decks?

Why Should You Use Outdoor Rugs For Decks?

Outdoor carpets have several design advantages. The first is that they tie your area together in a way that is both welcome and cozy. A rug may help bring a deck to life by adding a splash of color and texture that serves as a visual clue to the design theme within the area.

Another reason to put an outdoor carpet for the deck is for practicality. Rugs protect your composite deck from filth and grime in high-traffic areas. An outdoor rug, when carefully placed, will help protect your decking from scratches and scrapes caused by furniture legs.

How Long Will Composite Decking Last?

How Long Will Composite Decking Last?

Composite timber decks are manufactured from recycled wood fibers and polymer, a synthetic material that is bound together in long molecular chains. This framework creates a deck that is both robust and durable, while yet retaining the warm appearance of classic timber decking.

When you consider what might corrode a timber deck, it’s clear that composite decking is a highly resilient solution for your outdoor area. Composite decking is made of:

  • Rot-resistant
  • Anti-splinter
  • resistant to warping
  • Resistant to cracks
  • UV treatment to fight to fade

This implies that a composite deck is more than capable of withstanding friction from most outdoor carpets.

What Kinds Of Outdoor Rugs Can Harmfully Affect A Composite Deck?

While we encourage utilizing an outdoor rug in a location with a composite deck, not all rugs are made equal.

Some outdoor carpets are made of materials that are harmful to a composite deck. A poor choice may result in stains, scratching, and discoloration.

Avoid utilizing outdoor carpets with latex or rubber backings or accented with metal grommets and embellishments. These might scuff your composite decking or corrode and discolor it.

What Kinds Of Outdoor Rugs Can Be Used On Composite Decking?

Choose rugs made of traditionally woven polypropylene or recycled plastic mats with a soft backing instead. These will not scrape or harm your decking and will not collect moisture, preventing mold and mildew from growing beneath damp carpets.

We recommend waiting at least three months after installing your composite decking to allow for natural discoloration to occur equally over the boards, regardless of which carpeting you pick. If you put a rug on the wood too soon, the color tone on your deck will be uneven.

What Rug Material Can Be Used On Composite Decking?

PVC and composite are excellent low-maintenance materials, although some will react poorly. The most prevalent type of damage is discoloration. On a composite deck, polypropylene is the ideal rug material. In order of importance, the first two factors are.

  • Sun exposure has been treated to decrease fading.
  • It does not absorb water.

Your deck and the carpeting on it will be subjected to endless hours of UV rays from the sun. This might cause vivid rug colors to fade. Changing a vibrant crimson to a dull pink.

The same should be true for your deck rug. Its brilliant hue will last for years of summer fun. Polypropylene is specifically processed for this purpose. Sun exposure does not cause fading. Mold and mildew may form on decking if a damp rug is left on it. The deck was like a damp sponge gently leaking water. Mildew and mold are being fed. Like a self-watering planter box that has an endless supply of water. It is vital for decking health that water does not accumulate on the decking.

Polypropylene is ideal for deck mats since it does not absorb water. It makes no difference how much rain falls or how long you run the misters to keep your deck cool. The water will drain through the carpet, preventing mold and mildew from forming on the deck.

Some polypropylene carpets, like composite decking, are created from recycled bottles. Just one additional environmental advantage to your eco-friendly composite decking. Polyester is another common material for deck rugs. The most significant benefit is the pricing. Polyester rugs are less expensive than most other types of carpets. Its resistance to fading, mildew, and mold is similar to that of polypropylene.

However, it does not provide deck protection against oil-based applications such as sunscreen. Sunscreen lotion can discolor composite decking, which is one of its flaws.

Because it will not protect the decking, a polyester rug cannot be utilized as a safe zone for applying sunscreen. Suntan lotion can discolor the decking if it leaks through a polyester carpeting.

Matting is one disadvantage of polyester deck rugs. With reduced pricing come plainly visible traffic pathways on heavily frequented deck areas.

Natural fiber rugs, such as bamboo, sisal, hemp, or seagrass, are soft to the touch. A lovely spot for bare feet to unwind. However, they are frequently more expensive than other rug selections.

Natural fibers, on the other hand, are more prone to fading and mildew. Worse, they frequently behave like sponges. Water is collecting on the deck. As a result, mold and mildew grow on the decking, as well as other unsightly damage.

Natural Rugs May Be Best Used Throughout The Day

When you’re out on the deck reading, unroll it, and then roll it back up when you get home. Not to be left out overnight or in the weather, but only for your enjoyment now. These are the three most common deck rug materials. Polypropylene is the finest. However, there are several deck rug materials that should be avoided when using composite decking.

Avoiding Composite Decking Rugs

The rubber on the back of mats is frequently used to assist keep the carpet in place, but it can harm the composite.

Nylon is another deck material that should be avoided. Heat is a major downside of this long-lasting, low-maintenance material. In direct sunshine, nylon can become hot to the touch. It’s very hot. Walk carefully around the mat to prevent burning your feet.

It is preferable to get a deck rug that shields against deck heat rather than adding to it. Metal grommets are another item to avoid on deck rugs. They can discolor composite decking with rust. However, it is preferable to prevent the problem entirely by not utilizing a rock with metal grommets or hooks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of rug can I put on composite decking?

Select carpets made of traditionally woven polypropylene or recycled plastic mats with a soft backing.

Can I put a polypropylene rug on Trex decking?

This rug is suitable for composite decking and can help keep scratches at bay. If you’re looking for the best rugs for Trex decking, you should first learn more about selecting a rug for your composite deck.

Can you put a rubber mat on composite decking?

Avoid utilizing outdoor carpets with latex or rubber backings or accented with metal grommets and embellishments. These might scuff your composite decking or corrode and discolor it.

Will an outdoor rug damage Trex?

Most area rugs do not interfere with Trex decking, however, we do recommend cleaning beneath them on a regular basis. Allow your decks to completely dry before installing a rug.

Final Thoughts about best Outdoor Rugs For Composite Decks

So what are the best outdoor rugs for composite decks? A word of caution before you buy the best outdoor carpet for decks. The entire deck fades, a rug on a new deck, on the other hand, will protect the decking for the first three months. Maintaining a deeper hue than the rest of the decking. When you move the deck furniture, you will create an unusual location. Rugs should be avoided during the first summer of your deck, but not beyond that. A composite deck can benefit greatly from the addition of an outdoor rug.

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